8 Days Till Le Mans: Vaulting Is A Full Time Job

Somehow I have a feeling that not all nations who were part of the world junior championships 2015 will be part of this year’s senior event. But maybe I just talked to the wrong people. No participans list was published yet so that we can only observe Facebook who is planning the journey to France. We will see Argentina, Canada, Brazil, Australia (will be featured tomorrow) and of course the USA. The United States filled all their senior spots even that they had some issues with injuries.

After they had to change the team because of two injured vaulters in June, they didn’t give in but went into full training mode. Before they came to Gilching, Germany, to train with their competition horse, they had long practicing days at home. And long means long; Nine hours a day was their shedule for July. During that time they decided not to bring Pino del Rio (for friends it is Paul) to France and borrow a horse instead.

For two weeks the whole delegation of the USA (squad, two pairs and four of the six individuals) stayed in Germany. Then, the horses will be professionally transported to Le Mans, while the vaulters will fly from Munich to Paris. Kristian Roberts will vault on Diva. They both know each other well. Since 2014 they competed together at some CVIs and championships. “She is such a cool girl.” Kristian Roberts told us. The team will be with the horse Amontillado.

Kristian, you have been at many championships, is it becoming a routine by now?

“Yeah it sort of is by now, I don’t feel nervous anymore, only determined to do the best I can! This will be my 4th worlds.”

This question was asked before August 6, 2016. On that day Kristian published on his personal Facebook page that he broke his leg and won’t be able to be part of the squad and can’t represent the USA as individual. Another major setback for the team with only ten days left. Kaleb Patterson is replacing him now in both categories.Edit August 8, 2016: it is not sure yet if the team will be able to compete. One plan is that Kaleb Patterson will compete as individual and Geoffrey Woolsen supports the team. But nothing is decided yet. (I hope I got it right. Four different sources gave me different information…)

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