Italy Nominated Only Four Weeks Before The Championships

Some clubs in Italy received a letter this week. On July 19, 2016 they got to know who will represent their country at the world and European championships in Le Mans in August. Yes, that was only four weeks before the event! All the travel preparations and accommodation booking for the time in Le Mans have now to be done in only a few days. The drive to France will take two days.

The lists for the squad, individuals and pdds sound similar. Silvia Stopazzini and Lorenzo Lupacchini will compete in all three categories. This means, that we won’t see the great pdd of Lupacchini and di Forti again.

Look at this great actor! His feet are doing the small ballet steps during his first handstand and the big gestures. Amazing.

But Lorenzo Luppacchini qualified with Silvia Stopazzi and their horse Boston Baio for Le Mans. The other pas de deux is younger than 18 years old and will compete at the Europeans: Valeria Tomei and Matilde Emili with their horse Giovanni 164. Two pdd spaces are the only left empty from the Italian association. All other spaces are assigned to athletes.

The two squads which train at the Centro Ippico Milanese are mixes of vaulters from all over the country. These are the only two international canter teams in Italy but very good ones. In Aachen, the senior team finished the compuslory behind Köln and Obersiebenbrunn and showed a freestyle which has beaten the routines from Noroc and Köln.

Senior individuals and their horses:

  • Anna Cavallaro with Monaco Franze
  • Silvia Stopazzini with Hot Date Tek
  • Aurora Palagi with Giovanni 164
  • Francesco Bortoletto with Andokan
  • Lorenzo Lupacchini with Boston Baio
  • Davide Dominici Giovani 164

Junior individuals:

  • Giulia Marchesan with Pablo Picasso
  • Lucrezia Ruboni with Rosenstolz (a horse bought from Köln a few months ago)
  • Isabella Spillantini with Dublin VDM
  • Giovanni Bertolaso with Emir du Beaumont
  • Filippo Facini with Emir du Beaumont
  • Davide Zanella with Q Range

Junior squad with their horse Lugano:

  • Greta Giannini
  • Guia Anna Amadeo
  • Lucrezia Ruboni
  • Yanik Chimirri
  • Ludovica Anania
  • Arianna Siliberti
  • Reserve: Valeria Tomei and Giada Samiolo

Senior squad with the horse Hot Date Tek:

  • Francesco Bortoletto
  • Silvia Stopazzini
  • Lorenzo Lupacchini
  • Elena Rubini
  • Sophia Ronchi
  • Sara Durelli
  • Reserve: Aurora Palagi and Alessia Bovat

Edit: Interesting is, that they did not nominate any horses. Looks like there are twoapproaches in the different countries: In Austria and Germany you have to qualify with the horse on which you will compete. Countries which borrow horses anyway, like the USA, nominate without specified horses. The vaulters were nominated with their horses. I added them above.

Thank you to our new source in Italy! VaultingNews lives of information which are send to us because we can’t be in all vaulting countries ourselves. Italy was always a mystery to us. We understand it better now and will be able to report about another country.

Adele Feuerstein

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