CVI Rugby – What a successful first time!

CVI Rugby was held on this first weekend of July (1st-2nd-3rd) in Rugby, near Birmingham, in Great-Britain for the first time. It took place on the Onley Grounds Equestrian Centre. Most competitors were British but international vaulters were also present: Australia, Ireland, Mauritius, the Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland. Judges were Rob de Bruin (president of the ground jury), Jochen Schilffarth (foreign judge), Elisabeth Müllner, Alexandre Brooks, Sarah Gemmel and Alison Marsh Rimaud.

It welcomed a 1* competition on Friday after the vet check accepted all horses. At the end eleven vaulters got their qualifying score for 2* and were allowed to start for the rest of the competition on Saturday and Sunday. The 2* competition opened the second day at Rugby at 9am with the usual compulsory test and was followed by the 3* competition. Nice and creative freestyles with a few interesting themes were seen in the afternoon. Concerning the 3* technical tests showed a complete new ranking after it. A few falls in the kneel to backwards stand exercise but overall everything went well. There were two teams competing, a junior 2* and a senior 3*, both from Great-Britain. Unfortunately the junior squad could not continue the CVI after their horse Bankey Moon was found lame after compulsories… Julie Newell’s 3* team showed a very promising freestyle with some interesting moves and great expression. Sunday morning was reserved to the junior 2* second round of compulsories and then it was followed by all freestyles under a nice and sunny weather. The prize-giving ceremony took place around 3pm so that participants could catch their flights back home. For results, has them all !

This CVI was also the last trial for British vaulters to qualify for the World Championships in Le Mans from the 18th to the 21st of August 2016. Up to now:

  • Junior Squad- South Scotland Select on Bankey Moon, Lunged by Rebecca Hewit
  • Junior Pas de Deux- Kirstin Henderson & Atholl Pettinger on ILPH Islay, Lunged by Liz MacKay
  • Junior Female Individual- Lisa Mercer on WH Bentley, Lunged by John Eccles & Kerri Brylka on Tylers Kernel, Lunged by John Eccles
  • Junior Male Individual- Atholl Pettinger on Robbie, Lunged by Liz MacKay
  • Senior Squad- English Vaulting Squad on Last Chance, Lunged by Julie Newell
  • Senior Pas de Deux- Jessica Haynes & Katie Hirst on River of Thyme, lunged by Julie Newell
  • Senior Female Individual- Lucy Phillips on Pitucelli, Lunged by Liz Phillips
    have been selected to represent Great Britain at the 2016 Senior World Championships or Junior European Championships.

At the end of the weekend Kerry Brylka and Bryony Rawding in Junior Pas de Deux on WH Bentley, Kerry Brylka in Junior Female Individual on WH Bentley and Hannah Young on Robbie lunged by Liz Mackay in Senior Female Individual were added to the British team’s selection.

Overall, CVI Rugby 2016 was a success. The competition was extremely well organized, the showground was nice, everything was available onsite, two spacious covered arenas made it easier when a few drops of rain decided to come and visit. There were wonderful people, a great team of FEI judges/FEI officials, well-behaved horses and an amazing hospitality. Thank you for all your work and we are looking forward to seeing you again next year!
Save the date : 23rd -25th June 2017!


I am an Irish vaulter, becoming a judge but I am also French and live in Paris where I work for a horse racing daily newspaper. I am also the author and owner of the blog .