CVI Flyinge: Great Vaulting & High Scores

On the weekend of June 17 – 19, 2016 the CVI of Flyinge in Sweden took place. In 2015 there was one in Denmark, this year in the neighbouring country. It was the last qualification for most Northern European countries. Because of the great number of international competitions this year, most of the participants came from the north, but there were also a few from the USA and Germany. Emilie Kastrup Lindgaard from Denmark had a successful weekend and wrote some lines for us:

The very good ones must have been in the senior class: Sheena Bendixen, Kristina Jensen and Sandra Anderberg. Those were the top three in the mentioned order. Sheena was in front the whole way through and was particularly remarkable in compulsories with a score over eight. She’s very powerful and I’m looking forward to seeing her compete in Le Mans. Sandra Anderberg was very impressive, too, despite her vaulting on my horse (just second time in Flyinge), and she got some of the highest scores she has ever gotten. Kristina was strong, too – especially in her technical moves. She was also competing on a new horse, Ramstein (the same as Sheena).

In the junior individual class the title was won by a German girl, Alina Ross. She was very convincing from the beginning and in the lead the whole way through. The next spots were constantly moving around with four girls competing for the top places: Me, Ida Trap Christensen (DEN), Ella Filippa Velander (SWE) and Ada Kloss (GER). It was very exciting to be part of such a good team of juniors and I can’t remember the last time I have competed against so many (37 juniors). The level was very high in the junior class and nothing was decided until the very last score. In the senior 3* there were only two men competing, one from Australia and one from Denmark. Leon Lynnerup from Denmark won in front of James Hocking.

The children showed really high levels and great vaulting! The class was won by Emma Kaps but it was definitely an exciting class too, with good scores and different winners in freestyle and compulsories. Arthur Seidel was the only male junior** vaulter.

There was also great vaulting in the junior 1* and senior 1-2*. I didn’t see any of them, but heard that they were good.

In the junior 2* squads there was a very exciting competition going on! The two teams from Denmark (Skibby 1 and Voltigeklubben Thommysminde 1) were competing for the trip to Le Mans. VKT 1 started out very good with the second best compulsories (1. Krumke (GER), 2. VKT 1 (DEN), 3. Schenkenberg (GER), 4. National Team Netherlands, 5. Skibby 1 (DEN) ). But VKT 1 had problems in the freestyle both Saturday and Sunday and Skibby 1 won over VKT 1, which meant that they are qualified for the European championship. The two teams from Germany were very strong and ended up 1st and 2nd – very good vaulting from them – the team from Skibby third and the team from the Netherlands fourth and VKT 1 fifth.

In the senior 3* there was only one team participating: BIS 1 from Denmark. Overall it was a good event with very nice permanent stables, nice stalls for the horses. The warm-up facilities were super good, with many indoor circles for vaulting and riding places indoor and outdoor with lots of space. The Main arena was good too – beautifully decorated. The whole competition area is located in a beautiful place in Sweden – with old buildings making it look like a castle and making you feel a bit royal.

As Emilie mentioned, the level was high in all categories. This was also seen in the results. Krumke for example opened the junior** compulsories with a 7.066. Shortly after the CVI the nominations for Denmark were published:

All results are saved on the SVEA website. Many videos were uploaded by Preben Lau:

Adele Feuerstein

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