USA: The Return Of The Retired

In the beginning of 2016, a few top American vaulters launched an attempt to create a new vaulting team for the World Championships in Le Mans. The team was called Team Cosmos and it was a mix of California-based vaulters from Woodside and Pacific Coast. We even talked abut them a few weeks back. They were already qualified for the Championships, for they were the only American team trying to paticipate this year.

The problems arrived when Mary McCormick and Tessa Devita injured their knees during training. Of the original team members Carlee Heger, Mattea Petry, Michelle Guo and Kristian Roberts were left: Not enough to form a team, obviously.

Yesterday the American Vaulting Association (AVA) published a long list of the championships participants, the nominated vaulters already received an e-mail of confirmation. Ten athletes are named for the team. When we first looked at it, we thought the big names on the list were alternates, if the worst comes to worst, it’s always good to have something in the back of your sleeve. But no, the US-American squad for the World Championships in Le Mans is:

  • Kalyn Geisler (Redwood City, California)
  • Michelle Guo
  • Carlee Heger
  • Devon Maitozo (Calabasas, California)
  • Mattea Petry (Portola Valley, California)
  • Kristian Roberts (Moss Beach, California)
  • Alternate: Emily Rose

They will bring their horse Pino del Rio, nickname Paul, who is a brother of Palatine & owned by the Divita family.

We already thought they were pretty strong with Tessa and Mary, but with this team composition, it certainly makes them medal contenders, don’t you think so?

Of course, the competition of Ingelsberg, Noroc & Lüttisburg is very strong.

The disadvantage: team USA has only a few weeks left to become a team & train together. For Kalyn Geisler it is the first time back in a competition since she had a child in 2013. If she & Devon are fit, they could be valuable bases for the team. The majority of the team trains three times a week together trying to integrate the new members.

We are curious what their new theme & freestyle ideas might be. According to our, not so secret, sources, everything will be new. (Which it might actually be a pitty because Cosmos was an amazing theme choice (in my, Celina, opinion).

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.