Journal: Vaulting Press Of Week 25

Sweden Portrait about Miriam Göransson from Sweden.

Germany (21:50 min) The Sorbs are an ethnic minority in Germany. Some of the vaulters of the club Lindenhöhe are Sorbs. A TV crew visited them. Partly with german translations.

Germany Swabia (part of Baden-Wuerttemberg) championship: Among other 19 L squads, 14 M squads & 10 A squads competed against each other. Championship winner is Memmingen, second is Donau Lech.

Germany Chiara Plate was nominated for the junior German championships. She competed on 3 horses so far this season.

Germany Announcement for the championship of the Rhineland.

Germany The junior squad of Brakel won the championship of Westphalia. Franziska Peitzmeier finished on the second rank because her horse was scared in one round.

Germany Recap of the championship of Westphalia.

Germany The club from Scheuring took part at the competition in Gaimersheim with 6 young squads.

Germany Nele Welling from the club of Havixbeck-Hohenholte reached the qualification for the junior championship of Westphalia, made it to the final & finished on place 14th because she fell off the horse.

Germany The young vaulters from Metelen reached very good final ranks at their first competition in Schöppingen.

Germany Germany Recap of the championship of Weser-Ems. Germany … with the vaulters from Oldendorf & their qualification for the German junior championship.

Germany Announcement of the competition in Mühlacker. 42 squads entered. The horse Ikarus has to compete with 2 squads from Mühlacker because the horse Abenteuer got injured on the drive to Saumur earlier this year. The stretched lingament forced them to stay one week longer in Saumur. The costs for the vet & the additional week cost them 2000€ which they try to finance through a crowd funding.

Germany Sports day in Darmstadt: 15000 people were introduced to different sports, among others vaulting.

Germany Similar event in Paderborn. Germany And in Meine.

Germany Holiday vaulting course for disabled and non disabled children in Regensburg.

Germany Here in Germany schools have “project weeks” where they don’t have lessons but work on one topic. Osterburg offered many options, one of them was vaulting in Krumke.

Germany Very good results for the vaulters from Hoisbüttel brought them three qualifications for the junior German championships.

Germany The club from Hinterwald created a musical with 30 horses & 100 people.

Germany Invitation to the open summer party at the club from Gelsenkirchen-Buer

Germany A former model from Munich is moderating the Soccer European championships in the Germans TV.


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