CVI Pezinok: Small Mistakes Are Expensive

Last weekend two CVIs took place: Flyinge, Sweden and Pezinok, Slovakia. The CVI in Pezinok seemed to be “louder” on the internet despite both events offered a livestream & both were the last selection trials fo many nations.

The US Amerikans finally decided for their representatives at the world championships. The men were clear before: Colton Palmer, Geoffrey Woolson & Kristian Roberts made it. The latter was in Pezinok to coach the US American vaulters on their horses from the German club in Gilching. The Palmer PDD presented their new freestyle to the music of the movie “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang“. Sounds familiar? Joanne Eccles used the song in her freestyle of the season 2011. They vaulted on the borrowed horse Lord lunged by Andrea Bičová. The Slovakian lunger provided Lord to nine nations in the last two years (according to the FEI database). And then there were the females: Emily Rose hoped to qualify but had difficulties in her freesytle. Kimberly Palmer on the other hand wasn’t entered originally. Once in Pezinok, she asked the organizers for allowance to compete and found a horse. She got a final qualification score and went up on third place in the ranking.

Zsofia Görgey (Junior) from Hungary improoved with every round in Pezinok after her accident in Budapest. She came from rank 18th, the freestyle brought her place 15th, with the following compulsory she climbed to 13th & with the final routine to 9th. Her rounds were strong, so, the dream is not over! She is nominated for the Europeans. Her sister is sure that she can do this despite her injury:

We hope that the treatments will improve her health conditions, and she can show her real talent on the European Championship, where she desperately wants to go, and commits everything to get there.

Zsofia is really happy about this opportunity:

I am indescribably happy, that I qualified, and due to that I have the chance to attend the championship in La Mans. This competition in Pezinok was one of the most valuable competitions to me, and despite strong competition, I enjoyed the tournament. Everyone – in my humble opinion – performed well. Congratulations to my competitors, hope to see you in La Mans.

Isabel Fiala (Austria) won the compulsory round with 0.402 points ahead as well as the technical test. Until a tumble in the freestyle it was a flawless round. She hoped that her fall looked like a dismount but the judges subtracted a whole point from their overall scores which resulted in a 7th place for the freestyle. After four wins in 2015 with her former horse Harley, Anna Cavallaro came back to the first place in a competition. In the last freestyle most horse scores went down, Monaco Franze got a 8.1 and saved victory for Anna Cavallaro. The routine of Alina Barosch was impressive. She finished second but won the freestyle round.

The senior*** competition was won by Ingelheim (former Mainz-Laubenheim). The juniors were also won by a German team, the squad from Gilching. The world champion Club 43 has a newly assembled team. They don’t seem as superior as in the last few years. Has the squad from Seefeld with their “The Alpes” theme a chance to be nominated to represent Austria at the Europeans? We will know this weekend.

Nelly Mikesková & Saša Vavrová took awesome pictures from multi-angles. Marc Schuirmann provided an excellent stream once again. All videos from the CVI Pezinok:

Edited June 28, 2016: The headline was wrong. Of course there is one CVI, the one in Rugby, Great Britain left.

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.