Journal: Vaulting Press Of Week 24

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Czech Republic Recap of the CVI Pezinok with the vaulters from Czechia.

Slovakia Vaulting in Slovakian TV with Pavla Krauspe. (I have no clue what they are talking about, propaply introducing vaulting)

Austria Oberöstereich has no big enough vaulting arenas owned by clubs for a national championships. Two clubs are now organizing the BLMM next weekend in Stadl Paura.

Germany The Regional championship of Weser Ems will take plac ein Lilienthal. They have to rent a tent for temporably stabling for 3.000 EUR. For the two days event they needed 110 helpers.

Germany 50th birthday of the riding & vaulting club from Lörrach. The shows and parties took place in three indoor arenas. The club has 370 members, 18 club owned horses & 26 private horses.

Germany Germany Recap of the two days competition in St. Georg Heek-Nienborg. Responisble for the organization were two new club members.

Germany Recap of a competition in Berlin with the vaulters from Fehrbellin. Three lungers presented the horses. The next competition is the German chamionships of L squads.

Germany Anouncement of the vaulting competition in Schöppingen. The hosts will introduce two new horses.

Germany Final participation and in the end the sixth place for the vaulters from Roggenburg at the South German championship.

Germany Selection trial for the German championships with Anja Traub. She won the individual class and finished 4th in pdd. Her partner had a 3h drive to the trainings which means that they train very seldom.

Germany The vaulters from Gruppenbühren finished as second at their regional championship & are now qualified for the German championship of M squads. The team from Großenkneten wasn’t that successful because their horse was ver nervous.

Germany Elfi Reinhardt was honored for 25 years of cooperation with a school for students with mental handicaps. The teenagers get 2-5 lessons therapeutical vaulting each week. The steady movement of the horse is calming for the children.

Germany Placing of the vaulters from Zöbingen at the South German Championships.

Germany For children who don’t travel during the holidays the city Metelen offers many activities, among others vaulting.

Germany A similar program for Penzberg.

Equestrian websites:

Austria EQWO is the new partner of the Austrian vaulters & has more and more articles about them.

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