CVI Bern: A Great Advertisement for our Sport

Somehow the CVI Bern appears more professional than other events. Ahead of the event they inform the fans in German & English with many posts & offers, have many supporters & the organisation must have been great. That’s not all. They also invited six judges for each competition, which complies the modus of an European championship. In the results we can now find two scores for the horse, two for the technique & two for the artistic (for freestyles. The percentages stay the same.). It is an oppotunity to take a look at the judging. Are the ratings similar? For the horse the judges were pretty close but the new artistic scoring sytsem did not help to bring the scores closer.

We started to collect all available videos in playlists for you but today we want to present some of them one at a time because the shown performances were such an awesome advertisment for our sport.

What a powerful performance by the JUNIOR squad Montmirail (Switzerland)! They create memorable pictures with sometimes simple exercises with the help of their great creativity. On the otherhand they are totally secure on their horse Livanto & show really difficult combinations (One technique score was 9.329). Who had ever held a triple while standing on the neck for rounds? A shiver ran through me from their great music & dancing combination:

I could go on & on. That’s why we’ll have an interview with their coach next week. We will learn how they practice vaulting & German / French at the same time & that they never trained indoors until two years ago.

Montmirail won the J** squads in front of Tösstal with their Pippi Longstocking freestyle with 0.161 points. Harlekin (bad fall in Ermelo) & Argentina followed. Argentina had a very polished freestyle on their rented horse. Respect! The final selection trial of Switzerland will be hold next week. Good luck to everyone.

The J** female category was also won by Switzerland. Sarah Linder earned the golden medal followed by three Germans. The Fraser girls from Spain ranked 10th & 13th & in 16th & 18th place came the junior vaulters from Argentina. Four nations are not many for a CVIJ** female copetition. Konstantin Näser (Germany) won also the male J** in Bern after Ermelo earlier this year. Only three vaulters entered this category. The Austrian & Swiss competitor did not reach a 6.5 which would be required for a continental championship. The Junior** PDDs were all really close together. The first three finished with a 6.7, the fourth place with a 6.6. In the end the Spanish girls were able to win the first CVIJ**.

The seniors: At the beginning of the year we weren’t happy with the performance from Lütisburg. The theme war & peace was not completely developed. Now in Bern, two months before the World Championships, you can see the rift & the close crossover from a peaceful world to violence. The whole freestyle has difficult exercises & the first part had now great gestures to the music:

The S*** men were lead by three Swiss after the compulsories, followed by Daniel Kaiser (Germany) on the Montmirail horse Livanto. He was able to pass Andrin Müller & Cyril Michel in the tech test but he had no chance against the very strong Lukas Heppler. The Swiss has a new routine which is once more very secure & 0.510 points better than the one of the German. That brought him the first place with 0.410 points in ahead. What a smooth & dynamic freestyle. Lukas Heppler is changing his direction with every few strides of the horse, never holding still:

The females were lead by Nadja Büttiker through the whole competition, closely followed by Isabel Fiala on Luk lunged by Simone Jäiser. In her second senior year Marina Mohar finished on the bronze rank in front of names like Ramona Näf & Pascale Wagner. The indivduals reached high horse scores. They were lower for the pairs. The European champions from 2011 have won this senior CVI***: Torben Jacobs with his new old partner Theresa Sophie Bresch. On second came the world cup participants Zoe Maruccio / Syra Schmid, on third Katie Hirst / Jessica Haynes in their first senior year with a totally jiggle free routine.

All these great human performances & the good vaulting horses were a good advertisement for our sport. It is good to watch the videos. We hope the compulsories were also of that great quality. Here are all videos we could find, mostly from Voltige Videos, thanks, as well as the complete streams. The live streams make the sport available for the whole world. It is a step forward that most of the CVIs had one this year.

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.