CVI Frenštát: Very Bad Luck For The Horses

The CVI of the Czech Republic in, of course, Frenštát, started with a good vet check. All horses were declared “fit to compete”. Only one horse was declined because of its papers. Nothing stood in the way of a great competition. The vaulters really liked the event’s organization by Adéla Svobodová who did a great job. Everything was in time & the price giving ceremoney was not too long. But back to the beginning.

The vaulters from Argentina travelled from South America to Europe to take part in a few CVIs. Of course they had to rent horses & at first it looked like they became a good team. But at the official training in the competition arena their horse stumbled or slipped & fell. They had to withdraw from the competition before it even started.

At this point everything was ok. While landing Fairytale slipped.
At this point everything was ok. While landing Fairytale slipped.

The first competitor had also no luck with the horse. It felt very uncomfortable in the circle. After that the horses got better. The vaulters were able to show good rounds with Katharina Luschin from Austria being the highlight. She entered together with the vaulters Daniela Fritz & Magdalena Riegler. The horse score for Fairytale was 8.315 for the first two starters. Katharina Luschin topped that with a 8.700, 8.725 & a 9.000. Wow! Is the perfect ten really possible? Daniela Fritz finished with a 8.332. Magdalena Riegler had again really bad luck with her horse. Fairytale stumbled & fell during the backwards scissors. This CVI seemed to be ill-fated.

To give the Austrian horse a rest the three women withdraw from the competition, so Jana Bartonkova from the host country got her chance. After she finished second in Budapest earlier this season she was now able to win her first CVI! Congratulations. Heta Vihro assured the silver medal. You have never heard of her? We neither altough she is coached by Gero Meyer. The Finish athlete had won the S** competition in Moorsele 2016 & this was her first S***. Great to see a new nation on the podium.

Most times, if something happens, the vaulters are affected. This time we saw an ambulance picture with a lunger. The Austrian horse Pipetto jumped on its lungers foot & broke his toe. Still, he continued lungeing for the rest of the weekend & the individuals finished together with their lunger & horse, on first, third & third. Stefan Csandl was sccessful in this S*** category but when we found the video of him & Theresa Thiel as pdd in Ebreichsdorf we found out, that she is injured again. They were on the starting list but did not compete. They seem to have bad luck for a few years, now. They try so hard to qualify for the worlds. Let’s see if she is ok next week at the final Austrian selection trial.

Behind Stefan Csandl came Balazs Bence who improves with every competition. The junior ladies had a good entry result. 22 showed their compulsory, then the first & third so far had to drop out due to Fairytales fall. Only 15 where then allowed in the second round. The finale podium was Kristina Hajduova (Slovakia), Lea Hakszer (Slovakia) & Ariana Gonzalez Panal from Argentina.

The J** squad from Kosice, Slovakia won their competition. They must have had a stunning freestyle. Wildegg was the only finisher in S***. Poland had to give up, before the last freestyle due to a fall of one of their bases.

So, vaulting is still a horse sport. A lot can happen & we should keep in mind that they are no “Movies”. We have to choose the right ground for them & give them a rest to recover. Looks like everyone acted in the interest of their horses. They are ok. Well done.

You want to watch 392.40 + 272.40 minutes of vaulting? Find the complete stream of Saturday & Sunday on .

We thank Nelly Mikesková very much that we are allowed to use her pictures! She coverd the whole event.

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.