Livestream From The CVI Switzerland

The helpers in Bern who prepared the grounds for the big event got wet on Wednesday due to heavy rain. Nevertheless, we hear that they did a great job with the organization, that begun months before with the search of sponsors for the competition. It seems like they found a lot supporters which is great for the sport.

Only one horse did not pass the vet check, all others are fine. Most of them come from Switzerland. The Argentinian vaulters borrowed horses from the host country &  Isabel Fiala (Austria) will vault on the European champion horse of 2015, Luk. We have talked to her and she told us she is very honoured to do so. Then there are some competitors from Germany like Ingelheim (former Mainz Laubeheim) & the PDD Thorben Jacobs / Theresa Sophie Bresch. Flash back! I am curious how this will work. Also still on the road is the Spanish vaulting family Fraser. And then very few competitors from Great Britain & France. So, all in all it reminds me of the participants list of the CVI Krumke.

Six S*** & five J** squads will compete against each other. Follow them with the livestream:

Day 2, Part 2:

Day 2, Part 1, Start at 09:30 CET:

Day 1, Part 2:

Day 1, Part 1

Livestream CVI Bern von cvibern

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