Journal: Vaulting Press Of Weeks 12 – 21

I give up. I tried for weeks now to keep up with the press posts but it doesn’t work. There are too many. So, if you want to see all visit the following pages: German, English, French. Because there are so many posts about vaulting in the web for these nine weeks, the desciption are really short this time. Sorry.

[Germany] Competition in Ingelsberg: They have two new horses. The junior team couldn’t show the whole freestyle because Julia Hölzl got injured during school sports. Regina Burgmayr got injured druing the last training which meant that the T1 wasn’t able to compete. They had really bad luck: Lisa Ostermaier broke her ankle during the individual competition. She was also supposed to be part of the junior squad. The teams had to cancel the CVI Portogruaro.

[Germany] Bela from the junior team Neuss was voted athlete of the month from a local newspaper. He is training 12 hours a week. His mother describes the sport with willingness to accept responsibility, strength of will & disciplin. His coaches are Stefanie Eggink & Cathy Musfeld.

[Germany] Classes from a special-needs school gets vaulting training for over 10 years now. It helps them to develop their selfconfidence.

[Germany] Vaulting show of the club from Niederrhein. They not only presented the horses during vaulting but also under the saddle, becuase they want to prepare the horses as good as posible for the sport.

[Germany] A TV crew visited the vaulters from Rüdnitz & is explaining the sport.

[Germany] Wolfgang Renz left his club Leonberg. After a new start the new first team was very successful at their home competition.

[Germany] Recap of the selection trial in Leonberg from the view of the vaulters from Krumbach.

[Germany] The pas de deux from Metelen competed at the CVI Saumur as individuals to qualify for pdd**. They reached the scores & were allowed to compete. In Belgium they can now start as pdd***.

[Germany] The kindergarten Dragon Children in Windhagen offers & finances vaulting lessons for all their kids.

[Germany] Barrel competition at the riding club Zollhaus.

[Germany] Two days local competition at the riding club Havixbeck-Hohenholte.

[Germany] Recap of the competition in Havixbeck from the point of view of the club from Lüdinghausen.

[Germany] Portrait of Wiebke Kassens from Haren. She wants to qualify for the junior German championships.

[Germany] Announcement of the first selection trial of the Rhineland.

[Germany] Recap of the selection trial in Essen from the view of the club In den Auen. Their horse was sick in the morning so that the individuals vaulted on horses from Köln-Dünnwald.

[Germany] Recap of the the vaulting club Fachsenfeld’s year.

[Germany] Trial lessons for new children at the club in Sprendlingen.

[Germany] Successful lokal competition for the vaulters from Ahlhorn in Ankum.

[Germany] Prospect for 2016 of the club from Moorriem who will start their season in Filsum.

[Germany] Announcement to a local competition in Donop.

[Germany] Curative vaulting in Neuss with heartwarming stories.

[Germany] Recap of the gala evening in Kalkar.

[Germany] Annual general assemby of the club from Papenburg. They talked about their finances which includes to buy a new vaulting horse.

[Germany] urative vaulting in the Haard clinic with up to 60 patients a week.

[Germany] Preparation for the motivation badge in Lippetal-Herzfeld.

[Germany] Report about the local two days competiton in Whedem-Oppendorf.

[Germany] Club in Neubulach: training day, selection trial in Leonberg & visit from Stammheim.

[Germany] The project “Experience Bramsche” introduces different places in their city. This time the riding club Engter was the host.

[Germany] The riding and vaulting club Mildstedt had a bad herpesvirus. For a long time no vaulting was possible. They lost 6 horses.

[Germany] Review of the spring competition at the Rochus farm.

[Germany] Open day at the stable Biermann to introduce vaulting.

[Germany] Day of the open stable door in Wolbrechtshausen.

[German] Day of the open stable door in Köllerbach.

[Germany] The pdd from Metelen finished second in Wiesbaden. The report talks a lot about their old & younger horses, that they weigh 850 kg & that they are an important building block of their achiements.

[Germany] The pdd from Metelen, lena Feldhues & Markus Cohaus are on the German longlist for the world championships.

[Germany] Detailed portraid of Wiebke Deventer of the club from Metelen.

[Germany] Recap of the still young season of the club from Leonberg.

[Germany] Justin van Gerven was injured in Moorseele & couldn’t compete with his new pdd partner Chiara Congia in Wiesbaden. Torben Jacobs was supposed to show his new pdd but I couldn’t find him on the results.

[Germany] Lina Lutz & Philipp Stippel are nominated for the prize of the best juniors, the final German selection for the Europeans.

[Germany] The vaulters from Mundekringen are qualified for the German Vaulting Cup which will take place in June near the Northern Sea.

[Germany] Detailed introduction of the club in Ostermünchen.

[Germany] Recap of the competition in Rhede from the view of the vaulters of Havixbeck.

[Germany] Recap of the competition in Hagen from the view of the vaulters of Havixbeck.

[Germany] Recap of the competition in Wusterhausen from the view of the vaulters from Wedendorf.

[Germany] Recap of the first competition of the season for the vaulters from Schönberg.

[Germany] Day of the open stable door in Schwabmünchen.

[Germany] Announcement of the participation of the pdd Jolina Ossenburg-Engels & Timo Gerdes. The week before the event they had a fall when Timo was stuck in the grip. (Personal opinion: Grips are the biggest accident risk in vaulting.)

[Germany] The vaulters of the club “In den Auen” are qualified for the Rhenish championship.

[Germany] The vaulters from Hohenhamlen made the qualification to the German L squad championship.

[Germany] The mass sport day in Gaimersheim was successfull for the vaulters from Neuburg.

[Germany] [Germany] The vaulters from Hochrhein-Harpolingen earned their first vaulting badges & are now allowed to compete in the level A (beginners).

[Germany] The vaulters from Staffelde look for a new horse because their 25 year old partne broke his hip during night.

[Germany] Portrait of the riding & vaulting club Herne.

[Germany] Announcement of the vaulting competition in Bonefeld with 250 vaulter &  30 vaulters.

[Germany] Announcement that the club from Billstedt will organize its first competition.

[Germany] Recap of the day of the open stable door with riding, vaulting and “Movie” demonstrations. Lot of information was provided: how much drinks a horse & eats. The visitor could win riding & lunging lessons.

[Germany] The L squad & the pdd from Dieburg showed good rounds with their horse Aristo in Fulda.

[Germany] A newspaper did an April fool by inventing some new equestrian competitions.

[Germany] Recap of Jannis Drewell’s competition in Ermelo. His new freestyle theme is Sherlock Homes. He had the idea years ago, but did not know how to bring in onto the horse. Now the German cadre choreographer helped him.

[Germany] A riding club which participates in the big caneval parade in Cologne donated 5.555 € for a new horse which will be used for vaulting with disabled people.

[Germany] The club in Schenefeld raised the membership fees to push vaulting in their club. Aims are: Buying new horses & pay coaches.

[Germany] Recap of the local competition in Trier with 23 squads.

[Germany] Recap of the local competition in Donop.

[Germany] Annual general assembly in the club of Donstorf-Drentwede.

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