Journal: Vaulting Press Of Week 22

Ok, it is much easier to collect vaulting articles when they are less. It should follow a nearly complete list of them from week 22:

(Canada) Recap of the CVI Canada Cup.

(France) Announcement of the French championships next weekend.

(France) French vaulting show.

(France) Erwan Andrés is looking for a nwe vaulting horse for 2018.

(Germany) One of thebiggest German newspapers is reporting that Gregor Klehe was nominated for the European championships. During the last months he grew a lot, which makes vaulting a little bit more difficult. The senior team of Ingelsberg has good chances to win the selection trial in Krumke because the are together for the second year.

(Germany) Anne Schlumbohm & Melanie Eger have won the pdd at the south German championships. The junior squad from Leonberg became third.

(Germany) The south German championsships took place in Bavaria for the first time. (Personal note: Really? Noone wants to organize big competitions) Participants were: 51 horses, 47  individuals, 14 M squads, 7 junior & 7 senior squads.

(Germany) The M** squad from Meerbuch wasn’t surprised that they have won the competition in Lützenkirchen with a 6.550. They had two new teammembers. The L team finished also on rank one with their new horse.

(Germany) Philipp Stippel finished at the German prize of the best as third but wa snot nominated for the European championships.

(Germany) The RuFV is inviting interested children to their open day.

(Germany) All four individual vaulters from Bad Ems did well in the first round of the south German championship an qualified for the final. Detailed recap of their competition.

(Germany) Results of the competition in Kurtscheid.

(Germany) Mimi will take part in the special olympics as a vaulter.

(Germany) 50 years celebration of the riding & vaulting club in Laichingen.

(Canada) Fundraiser with vaulting participation. They collected 3.000€

Adele Feuerstein

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