CVI Krumke 2016: German Surprises & Decisions

The CVI Krumke was mostly a German competition. However we heard great compliments for Emilie Kastrup Lindgaard from Denmark who finished third in a very strong competition among the J**. She went into the competition without any expectations, because you never know what might happen, and then her horse, she & her lunger did their best performance in a long time. Congrats! Also, Claire de Ridder from the Netherlands received praise for her new routine.

For a first impression, here are most of the German short list vaulters:

Three top German teams, Köln, Igelsberg & Fredenback, competed against each other for the first time this year. The national coach Ulla Ramge announced that she would nominate a German squad for the worlds after the competition & she did. Wow!

Fredenbeck began with a 7.4 in the compulsories, Ingelsberg with 7.6 & Köln with very strong 7.8 points. Fredenbeck could not catch up on these 0.4 points during the freestyle rounds. Ingelsberg then won the first freesyle with 0.154 in front of Köln who had to go into the competition without one of their base Justin van Gerven who is injured & was replaced by Joseph Hahner. The last round must have been breath taking. Another round with such a score would bring Ingelsberg into first place. But Köln was more polished on Sunday. Ingelsberg had only an advantage of 0.082. But it was eoungh! With 0.004 the squad from Bavaria was the best German team & will represent Germany in France.

I would never have expected this. Ingelsberg has avoided the confrontation with Köln so far or couldn’t compete at the same events as other teams due to injuries. We fans were only able to compare videos & I as a non-judge thought Köln was better. It’s not my decision. So, it is really nice to see how Ingelsberg worked with the music during the winter, how secure they are, how good their horse is, which won all three rounds. On the other side: It would have been so great if another team the Neuss or Ingelsberg would have made it to the world championships. Köln has been trying so hard for years now, they would have deserved it.

Another surprising fact: Ingelsberg & Köln are both nominated for Aachen. I thought the German representative would train at home for the big event, but no, we will see this exciting duel again soon.

The individual places for Le Mans will be set in Aache, but only the top placed vaulters in Krumke have been invited to the CHIO Aachen.

Who made that list?

Not on the list is Viktor Brüsewitz. His movements seemed too hard on the horse for me during the whole season. His technical test scores were low, not enough for the top three. We haven’t seen Eric Oese often his year & his results were not outstanding. Julian Wilfling competed on a reserve horse if I remember right which would have been mandatory. Regina Burgmayr’s weakest round was the tech test, others can do this better, also no invitation to Aachen for her. Sarah Kay, European junior vice-champion of 2011 came back to elite vaulting recently, but not into the top five yet.

And who did really well? Of course the women from Neuss Pauline Ridl & Janika Derks. In their first individual season. Without any squad work, since they left the team this year to focus on individuals, they showed outstanding rounds. Kristina Boe improved during the season with her zombie & Disney’s Mary Poppins themes. Corinna Knauf is also very steady but has to fight like hell to get one of the slots for Le Mans.

Thomas Brüsewitz competed on his new horse in Krumke. Nonetheless he finished in fifth place. Of course, Jannis Drewell, the European champion from 2015 also made it. Jannik Heiland is again a surprise to me. I don’t know what made the difference but he has high scores in 2016. And also back is Daniel Kaiser with a powerful freestyle as Houdini & a Little Prince tech test.

And one last word for the pdds: Both German pairs did well. Jolina Ossenberg-Engels & Timo Gerdes were rewarded with a slot for Aachen. We don’t knoe the reason why, but they kept their original horse but replaced their lunger with Nina Vorberg? Lena Feldhues & Markus Cohaus had to leave without a ticket. Janika Derks & Johannes Kay got the second spot for the CHIO.

German vaulters for Aachen:

Teams: Köln & Ingelsberg

Females: Kristina Boe, Janika Derks, Corinna Knauf & Pauline Riedl

Males: Thomas Brüsewitz, Jannis Drewell, Jannik Heiland & Daniel Kaiser

PDD: Janika Derks / Johannes Kay & Jolina Ossenberg-Engels & Timo Gerdes.

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.