2 CVIs in the same weekend: Is this a good idea?

This weekend there are two CVIs. One in Krumke, Germany & one in Frenštát, Czech Republic. Let’s take a look at the entries & postpone the text about the CVI Canada.

Krumke is a selection trial for the German seniors but not for the juniors. They had their decision last week. Despite this, only German vaulters are competing in the J* category, which is understandable. It is probably not worth the effort to drive with the youngest to the events far away. In J** there are two US-American girls, Emilie Lindgard from Denmark & Ida Nemeth from Hungary are listed. J** males are Germans & a Dutch, the squads are all from the host country, too. All in all not many starters.

Ihe senior squads we have one Danish team & eight German squads, one of which will be nominated for the worlds. Neuss is still on the list but is reported to have withdrawn due to an injury of their horse. The PDDs are all German, the males have James Hocking to make it an international competition, so the highlight is the female S*** competition with eight nations but also just 21 competitors.

A reason for these small numbers might be the fact, that most Americans, Austrians & of course all the East European countries chose the CVI in the Czech Republic as their destination. They have 84 individual vaulters from Argentina, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Israel, Finland, USA & of course Czech Republic over there. Probably many of these nations might have been in Krumke the years before.

So, as we have seen before, Adelaide & Ermelo or Budapest & California worked very well together. This time it seems like the 750 km are not enough distance. Really? No. If there are both competitions on (not matter at the same weekend or seperately), the vaulters will always choose the competition which is closer & of course not that time-consuming. The horses will like the shorter travels. So, it should be ok, if everyone competes at the closest competition. The FEI rule, that every country is allowed to hold CVIs is provided just for this reason: to make CVIs accessible to as many vaulters as possible.

Another question might be if there are less international vaulters these days. I haven’t checked this hypothesis, yet.

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.