Selection Trial In The US: The Ranking So Far

The selection trial in the United States of America is pretty easy to understand. The vaulters are allowed to take part in as many competitions as they want. The three best results count as qualification scores. To keep track of the results they organize everything in a Google table which is accessible to everyone.

So, as per day following vaulters would take part in the senior world championships in Le Mans:


  • Mary McCormick
  • Michelle Guo
  • Emily Rose
  • Reserve: Kimberly Palmer


  • Kristian Roberts
  • Colton Palmer
  • Geoffrey Woolsen
  • Reserve: Kaleb Patterson

Team: Team Cosmos

Pas de deux

  • Cassidy & Kimberly Palmer
  • Carlee & Haley

For the last two categories are no reserve teams on the list, because not more athletes trying to qualify for the event of the year. Also, the list of the women & men who are still in the game for the individual slots is so short that I want to mention them here:

Emily Hogye (5th), Elizabeth Osborn (6th), Siddartha Kreaden (7th), Gabe Aniello (5th), Daniel Janes (6th) & Devon Maitozo (7th).

Three of them did not reach the FEI qualifying score of a 6.5, yet. Some of these vaulter on the list were juniors last year, so it is really nice that they managed the jump into the top seniors. Why are the lists so short? Are there really that few vaulter-horse-lunger combinations or do only few athletes want to take part in the long selection trial, to pay all the travel expenses to Europe, rent horses, compete at the CVI Krumke & take part in the championships?

Hmm, or the list shows just the first 7 places. What ever might be the reason place 7 is pretty interesting. Devon Maitozo, the individual world champion of 1998, did two competitions in this season so far which were good. That’s why he is on 7. They need three scores to get into the list. He really has a chance to qualify for Le Mans, 18 years after his big success.

If the ranking stays like it is, some of the vaulters will compete as individuals & in the squad at the championships.

One last word: I am pretty happy to see Emily Hogye on the list again. Looks like she is coming back.

Here is the current freestyle of the leading male, Kristian Roberts who will travel to Europe three times this summer to make his dream come true:

Adele Feuerstein

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