German Long List For The Senior World Championships 2016

I guess most of you have already seen it, but for the sake of completeness here comes the list again & some thoughts.

Ok, do you remember the German senior selection trial? Long story cut short: the Pas de deux & individuals who want to qualify for the world championships had to compete at several CVIs May 17, 2016. After that the national coach Ulla Ramge narrowed down the choices last week. The following senior vaulters have now the chance to be selected for the worlds:


  • Kristina Boe (Kirchwerder)
  • Regina Burgmayr (Ingelsberg)
  • Janika Derks (Neuss)
  • Corinna Knauf (Cologne)
  • Pauline Ridl (Neuss)
  • Edit May 25, 2016: Sarh Kay.


  • Thomas Brüsewitz (Cologne)
  • Viktor Brüsewitz (Kirchwerder)
  • Jannis Drewell (Birkenhof)
  • Jannik Heiland (Kirchwerder)
  • Daniel Kaiser
  • Eric Oese (Moritzburg)
  • Miro Rengel (Cologne)
  • Julian Wilfling

Pas de deux

  • Janika Derks / Johannes Kay (Neuss)
  • Lena Feldhues / Markus Cohaus (Metelen)
  • Jolina Ossenburg-Engels / Timo Gerdes

What surprised me the most are only FIVE women but EIGHT men! All the men are so close together, I couldn’t decide who I would choose. A few years ago, there was the big call to support boys in German vaulting. They got extra clinics in Warendorf. I don’t have the feeling things have improved much in the junior category yet, but for the seniors it seems like a big success.

On the other hand we have the women. Isn’t it a disappointment that there are only 5 top vaulters in Germany at the moment? Or do you think someone was left out here? And furthermore: what if Janika Derks & Pauline Riedl were still vaulting in their squad? Christine Kuhirt had no luck with her horse this year, Sarah Kay did very well and has potential for the next years if she stays healthy (Edit May 25, 2016). There would have been Theresa-Sophie Bresch, but she has not competed lately. So, that leaves us with these five women.

I think it is the first or second year that the Pas de deux have also a selection trial. Before they were just nominated by the national coach but no one knew why. With the two pairs from Cologne out of the picture, new teams get the chance for a go at the championship. We expect great stuff from Johannes Kay and Janika Derks from Neuss, let’s see if they can do it. Jolina Ossenburg-Engels & Timo Gerdes had a great season last year. It would be nice if they could make it to Le Mans. Lena Feldhues & Markus Cohaus are more or less new to Pas de deux and already made it on the list. In Germany Pas de deux has been around forever. I really wonder why there still are so few top PDD.

The selection decision for the squads will be made in Krumke in two weeks – however, Neuss just made public that they have withdrawn from the competition in Krumke due to an injury of their horse Delia contracted at the CVI in Wiesbaden. Even though Delia is better, they decided not to take any risks, which proves solid horsemanship. So this year, we will definitely see a change in the team representing Germany. The individuals & the PDDs will be narrowed down again for Aachen and after that the nominations will be made public. Still a long way to fight for everyone.

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.