CVI Moscow 2016

When we wrote our CVI guidewe had absolutely no information about the CVI in Moscow, Russia. The only hint that it might exist was the FEI calendar. We asked around if someone had contacts. Nothing.

But on the day itself we found out that they offered a great live stream. With a static and a dynamic camera they gave us the opportunity to follow the CVI and the national competition. Great work! What I saw was really nice. After all horses had passed the vet check on the first day (only one had to go into the holding box), all participants were able to show good rounds on their horses. The four legged athletes scored around 5 – 7 which is very solid. I guess vaulting is not very widely spread in Russia, so I asked around and found out that the horses are often bought in Europe.

The event took place at the Maxima Stables. an equestrial areal much bigger than the one in Warendorf, Germany. Around 35 Russian individuals took the chance to compete in an international event. Travelling to European CVIs would be too expensive. So they invited 3 FEI judges and 1 national judge to hold a CVI near their clubs. They started on a * or ** level. For the * level the FEI has a new rule. Like at the CVI in South Africa it is now possible to reach your ** qualification score on day 1 of the event & compete in the ** the next day. This solved a major problem: that vaulters from countries far away from Europe have at most 1 CVI in their region and not much chance to climb up the ladder. And yes, region could mean “continent” here. To cut a long story short, 12 of 23 * individuals score da 6.0 or higher on day one and were allowed to start as ** the next day.

The stream gave an interesting insight into the level of Russian vaulting. During the national event they showed compulsories & freestyles on walking horses. I got the impression that there were many boys in the amazing arena. The horses seemed to be very calm. Who has seen the stream & would say that your country is at the same level right now? What do you think would be the next steps?

You can find the CVI results here.

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.