Is The Dream Already Over?

We featured two vaulters on their way through the season during the last weeks. Both had their first selection trials which didn’t go as planned.

Zsófia Görgey competed at her home CVI in Hungary a few weeks ago. Unfortunately her journey was brought to a halt after the compulsories. Her landing after the flank was bad. For a few days there was hope but now it is clear that the injury is much more complex and serious than expected. However, she is getting individual treatment and she is still practicing everything the injury will allow. Her sister wrote to us:

The doctor’s forecast is that she has to skip the whole championship season but we hope for the best and we hope that she will make it to Pezinok in June and make her dream come true and qualify for the European Championship. Until then she will be keeping up with all the news, she will be practicing.

Zsófia is a tough and strong vaulter. Her results earlier this year were really good. We wish her a good recovery and that she can use this little chance in June. And if not, we are looking forward to see her again next year.

We also featured Isabel Fiale during the last weeks (1. Her new club, 2. selection trial update). Isabel finished the world cup season with the bronze medal. Her results with her new horse and lunger were good. In Obesiebenbrunn, a local competition in Austria, she even won the tech test! But the Austrian selection trial is really hard and straightforward: the average from two competitions decides which 3 female individuals can start in Le Mans. Isabel began with a compulsory that finished as 4th Austrian:

Her freestyle was worth a 2nd rank in this test:

And then the technical test: She finished only as 5th Austrian. There is only a small chance to reach the top three during the next selection trial now. Isabel, do you have to win the BLMM now?

Yes, it looks like it. A little mistake, which has never happened before, and the dream is over. But we won’t let it get us down and will give everything at the second selection trial. We won’t throw away this one percent chance which we still have. We will fight now and show what we can!

Stay tuned to follow those two exciting vaulting seasons. Can Isabel beat Katharina Luschin, Jasmin Lindner or Daniela Fritz? She has to compete with the same horse at both events. And can Zsófia come back until the last CVI before the championships?

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.