CVI Austria In Ebreichsdorf

This weekend 2 events take place: the CVI in Austria, which is a fix selection trial for the Austrian vaulters & for some others who can choose the CVI as score for their national selection, & the CVIO in Wiesbaden which is only a freestyle competition. You can find the corrected results on the Magna Racino website. Videos are on their Facebook page. The results which you can find online on the official page are the corrected ones. There were some issues before so that the scores & tables weren’t correctly assigned to the name of the judge.

The organizers can decide how many judges they invite for their CVI. In this case 6 men & women give the scores. This means that there are 2 horse (A & D) & two artistic judges (C & F). The rules for judging the horse are very clear, so the judges agreed most of the time on the same order of the horses. The artistic score on the other hand has more subjective elements, which of course, should be kept to a minimum. This is why there is a new counting system which was supposed to assure that the scores are close together. This is one of the rare CVIs where we can compare the judge’s work. For most classes this looks good. But in the junior * competition the order of the vaulters is very different according to judge C & F. I guess it is very difficult to judge the young vaulters on music interpretation when they don’t have one. But exactly this is now written in the rules. Since this year it is defined which score you get assigned when you don’t interpret the music. Let’s observe the coming CVIs for this fact.

Unfortunately the weather in Ebreichsdorf near Vienna is very bad. It rained all the time. In most categories the Austrians are in front. Stefan Csandl leads the senior *** men, followed by Jannis Drewell. He collapsed during his first part scissors so that his shoulder laid on the horse. One of the most important facts for the score is the turn of the hip. It was nearly not possible for him to do so. Ergo, he got something around a 5 or less. For the exercises he ended up on ranks 3 to 7. But the horse Adlon from Ingelsberg, on which he competes, saved him as best horse the second place so far. Behind him follow the Austrian Ramin Rahimi and to our surprise Eric Oese who uses the CVI as a selection trial. We are very excited to watch this race of the top German vaulters. There are only 3 spaces for the worlds but at least 5 men who want them. The Hungarian Balázs Bence improved to a 7.942.

The senior *** women compulsories are once more lead by Katharina Luschin & Daniela Fritz, followed by Jasmin Lindner, who we haven’t seen in a pas-de-deux this year so far, & on fourth Isabel Fiala because her new horse wasn’t that good this time. After the Austrians Regina Burgmayr is on fifth followed by Anna Cavallaro from Italy & the not so young flyer from Wildegg, Magdalena Riegler.

We haven’t seen the top PDD Wacha & Lindner, instead Lukas Wacha competed in the *** senior squad of Pill who are on 4th after the compulsory. Wildegg is leading with a 7.925. Their members are Katharina Luschin, Lisa Wild, Magdalena Riegler, Nikolaus Luschin, Barbara Hruza & Anna Weidenauer. Ingelsberg scored a 7.818. After that is a big gab until Obersiebenbrunn with 7.173.

The junior ** squads had already their first freestyle. The ranking is now Tösstal (Switzerland), Ingelsberg (Germany) & the reigning world champion Club 43 (Austria).

Update May 20, 2016: Here are some videos we found on YouTube. More can be found on the website of EQWO on Facebook.

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.