CVI Belgium: What Happened During The First Competition Day

After the vet check on Thursday, which was passed by 100 out of 105 horses (seems high, but nonetheless 5 sick horses which want to compete at a CVI are a lot), the competition started on Friday morning at 08:00 AM.

The day was very hot. Fortunately, the tempreature inside the arena was cold enough so that it was good for the horses and acceptable for their wellfare to continue with the event: 30 Squads, 4 pairs & 134 individuals had to fit into the day. This requested a very ambitious time shedule and the organizers around the family Vanlerberghe (Renaat & Sophie the parents of Lauren are the hosts, her brother is doing the music & of course she and her lunger are helping fulltime) did a great job. At the end of the day, they were only 15 minutes delayed with the program. Sound issues at 08:00 AM were fixed after 15 minutes, luckily the horses did not react to it. The speaker in the arena is not from vaulting, yet he is doing an amazing job. He gives extra information about the vaulter’s early season, the breed of the horse & the age.

Inside the circle more than 8.000 compulsory scores were given by the judges which was less than the 9.000 score at day one of the CVI Belgium in 2015. Let’s start with last place this time. We can confirm that Christine Kuhirt is back or never left. She trains now with Elke & Ivan Nousse (former Elke Schelp-Lensing). The horse was playing around at its first competition which caused the lowest horse score & she showed her compulsory exercises in the wrong order, first two mills then the flag & the scissors. That brings a lot deductions. On the other end of the list is the German Kristina Boe followed by Lucy Phillips from Great Britain. I have the impression that not only in the lady’s *** competition the Swiss vaulters aspire. Rank 3, 4 & 5 are taken by Nadja Büttiker, Marina Mohar & Elisabeth Bieri. Only then follows Corinna Knauf, this time not on Fabiola but on Echt Stark. And not to forget the Sneekes sisters on compulsory rank 7 & 8.

For the junior ladys the table looks a little bit different. The German Lina Lutz is in the lead after comps. Until rank eight Swiss & Germans alternate. Then Emilie Lindgaard from Denmark broke this domination.

In the male senior*** competition there is no way around the Germans. Thomas Brüsewitz is leading, on second comes Jannik Heiland who trains with Kristina Boe and Victor Brüsewitz. Jannis Drewell received the highest exercise scores but his horse got only a 6,2. All in all the horse scores were not very high in this competition. Only one over 7 for Daniel Kaiser’s Down Under. One of the most important criteria in vaulting is the harmony with the horse. Victor Brüsewitz got some deductions here which means he is on rank 4 at the moment. On 5 another German, Daniel Kaiser, & then finally a French Jordan Gauvrit. Lambert Leclezio did not compete but there is a fellow countryman of him in the competition: Samy El Khattabi.

The first 3 junior men scored a 6.0. That is not very high. Ludo Campion from France is in the lead.

The two Swiss junior squads from Montmiral & Harlekin are currently on place 1 & 2. Harlekin scored 0.6 points less with their horse than theor opponents. Let’s see what they show in the next two rounds. On third is the junior squad from Köln Dünnwald & then a big break in the scores. It will be difficult to reach the prodium for other teams.

For the senior teams we saw a great battle between Germany, France & Switzerland. In the end Köln hold the upper hand. Their horse Danny Boy seems more regular with the group than with the PDD from the past years. Noroc made it to the second rank thanks to their horse Wizner. Many people thought that Lütisburg was underrated in the compulsories which brought them a third place. On fourth scored the Dutch team Roy Rogers. They improve during the season & their horse Hercules was much better than in Ermelo two weeks ago. Five German teams follow & then again a Swiss squad. It is from the club of Simone Jäiser but their horse got the lowest score. The English Vaulting Squad is on rank 11 out of 12.

And now let’s move to the Freestyle day. The stream is again provided by vygo:

The winning compulsory from Köln:

And the second placed Noroc from France:

Adele Feuerstein

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