First Information From Belgium Coming In

We continue with our spring CVI marthon. This weekend the vaulting circus moves to Belgium which is one of the biggest competitions. More than 100 horses have to pass the vet check since 6:30 PM. They planned a maximum of 2 minutes per horse. That is when the judges get a first impression of the competitors. They have around 10 judges for the event. Those 4 who are part of the ground jury during the CVIJ** & CVI***  will also judge during the European & world championships. Looks like there are not many vaulting judges available. The timetable was improved: The first two days end at 9:00PM now.

Who might be intersting competitors?

  • Lütisburg from Switzerland is finally starting into the season. They will present a new freestyle thme.
  • Thomas Brüsewitz will compete in the squad of Köln-Dünnwald. Sophie Hoffman replaced him in Ermelo because he was giving a show at a fair.
  • Lambert Leclezio cancelled his participation. He is already qualified for the world championships for his country Mauritius.
  • We will see the pas de deux from Neuss for the first time. According to their Facebook page Joannes Kay & Janika Derks trained only 4 times with their horse Auxerre & their lunger Elisabeth Simon.
  • Sayuri Aoki will compete for JAPAN! And FINLAND is also back with two individuals coached by Gero Mayer.
  • Kristina Boe & Christine Kuhirt have their first CVI of the season, I think.

Some of the 32 teams might also compete in Le Mans. So, it is a first test. Germany has a lot of candidates for all spaces in Le Mans it will be a big fight in all categories. It is worth a watch, all top vaulters are there.

The weather forecast is just perfect: 23 -25°C for the whole weekend. Looks like perfect conditions for the BBQ. Whatever, here are the important links to follow all this exitement:



Adele Feuerstein

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