USA: Comebacks, surprises and the “cosmologic” road to Le Mans

Hello everyone, here I am with the mission of summarizing what has been going on in the USA trials this year.

First, let us remember how this works:

Four official selection trials will happen this year: Vault into spring in Lynden, Mozart Memorial, Garrods Spring Fest, and the Woodside Spring fest.  Two of them have already happened (Lynden and Mozart Memorial), but Garrods and Woodside are right around the corner.

The best athletes will be chosen by taking into account their two best scores from selection trials and one CVI score. If they happen to go to more than one CVI the best score will be chosen. They also need to fulfill the basic FEI qualification rules for non-europeans: They need one score of at least 6.5 in an international competition (such as the CVI Pacific Cup, which has just happened this past weekend).

This actually means that NOTHING is set yet! Life is pretty exciting over there.


For the teams, here is an interesting information: There is only one team trying to get to Le Mans this year, this team is a selection of vaulters from Californian clubs and they are already qualified for the Championships.

The thing is that this is a pretty shiny team: Both Kristian Roberts and Mary McCormick, the two top American vaulters today, are a part of it. The name of this very interesting squad is Cosmos, they are using Carl Sagan’s pale blue dot as a theme. They have been training together for only six months so it is still a long way to go but we should keep an eye out for them in Le Mans


Untitled design (1)
Diana S Mow took this amazing picture from Devon Maitozo at the Selection Trial in Mozart Memorial

Male Individuals

For the male individuals we have a big surprise for you: Devon Maitozo.

The great American individual vaulter, who was the 1998 world champion and part of the golden team from 2010, seems to have made a big comeback and has competed in the selection trial in Mozart and at the CVI Pacific Cup. Devon came in 5th place in Mozart, with a score of 6.739, but finished 1st in the CVI Pacific Cup with a score of 7.379. He was also there lunging for a few of the vaulters from his club, F.A.C.E. If he wants to qualify (and we don’t really have any confirmation if that’s his actual plan) he needs to go to at least one of the next trials and repeat this good performance.

Kristian Roberts is leading the way up to now, he won the competition in both Lynden and Mozart Memorial and came in third place at the CVI Pacific Cup. He is basically over one point in front of all the other contestants, but the fight for the other two spots for individuals is very tight. Colton Palmer, Kaleb Patterson, Gabe Aniello and Devon himself will have to bring out their best if they want to qualify for the championships.

Austrian vaulter Stefan Csandl flew all the way to California for the CVI Pacific Cup and held the silver medal behind Devon and a little bit ahead of Kristian Roberts. The scores were very close to one another: Only 0.1 points separating each other.

Female Individuals

For the women Tessa Divita is leading the way up to now, although Mary McCormick won the one selection trial she’s been to up to now by a very large margin. McCormick also won the CVI Pacific Cup with a score of 7.725. However, since she didn’t make it to Lynden, she only has two qualifying competitions and is currently in 4th place, until she completes her third selection trial.

Once again: Nothing is really decided yet, because there are still two selection trials to go and only the two best scores will be taken into consideration.

Michelle Guo, who is also part of Team Cosmos, and Kimmy Palmer are also on the fight for those spots to represent the USA.

Untitled design (3)
This is another shot from Diana S Mow featuring the Palmer sisters in the Mozart Memorial Trial.

Pas des Deux

For the pas des deux the Palmer Sisters are leading the way up to now and should be in Le Mans together with Carlee and Haley who are currently in second place.

All the athletes here mentioned have reached the necessary scores to qualify for the Worlds (one score of at least 6.5).

If you want to keep up with what’s going on at the CVI Season of 2016 up to now check our post right here.



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