This Was The CVI Budapest 2016

I reported on the first day in Budapest earlier. Little information reached me since then, so here is what I found out:

Balász Bence (Hungary, senior):

At his home CVI (ok, at least in his country), he presented his new routines. His compulsories were good. He scored a 7.698. The freestyle was choreographed to the original German hit Dschinghis Khan from the band of the same name. I guess it can become a great freestyle. It is so his music. For his tech test he chose the music of the horror movie “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. He is portraying the child killer Freddy Krueger. See for yourself:

Aniela Bańkowicz (Poland, junior):

Aniela is one step closer to her big dream: She scored a 6.712 with her freestyle which meant an overall of 6.290! She is a ** junior now – congratulations! The next step is to reach the qualification score for the European championship. Aniela was very tired on Saturday evening. It wasn’t a normal competition for her. She went down to Budapest with only an older friend from her squad (Aniela is 16). She is the first vaulter I know who found a horse via our Facebook group “VaultingNews – Horse Sharing”. This CVI was her first competition without her coach. Her teammate prepared her for the rounds mentally and guided her through the warm-up. Her coach called her from Poland and talked to her often. It sounds like she was made very welcome in the Hungarian vaulting family.

Zsófia Görgey (Hungary, junior):

For Zsófia the CVI wasn’t successful. At her dismount from the compulsories she got injured. On Friday evening she still had all her hopes up that it would go away over night. Unfortunately she couldn’t even vault on the barrel the next day and had to withdraw from the competition. It is a shame because it was a selection trial for her. Let’s hope that she will get well soon and can compete in Ebreichsdorf.

Ingelsberg (Germany, senior):

What we have here is a whole club of bad luck. They have many injuries in the top teams, that’s why they started into the season later than usual. Regina Burgmayr was able to vault again this weekend. Carlotta, on the other hand, was on a student exchange in France so Noelle replaced her. In my opinion the freestyle looked unfinished with all these setbacks. I am looking forward to watch their complete routine soon.

For pictures of the CVI Hungary take a look on the Facebook page of Eszter Somogyi.

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Adele Feuerstein

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