CVI Budapest: Day One

Here is my next attempt to cover the CVIs. For Saumur & Ermelo I only got the first day. So keep your fingers crossed that I will receive enough information over the weekend. Oh, and tomorrow I am in Schenkenberg, a local competition in Eastern Germany. Who will I meet there?

Yesterday, we introduced Zsófia Görgey to you. Today she did the first compulsory round of the CVI. All in all she was satisfied with her performance. The horse Harry Potter got a 7.160 in its second season. All in all the team received a score of 6.596. This would be enough to qualify for the European championships and she also is third Hungarian in her class which would meet the national criteria. But unfortunately Zsófia twisted her ankle while landing from the dismount. Despite this injury she decided to compete in tomorrow’s freestyle round and try her best. I wish you a fast recovery, Zsófia.

The two star juniors are lead by Kristina Hajudova from Slovakia followed by the strong Austrians. Finland is also taking part. Rebecca Spadinger & Veera Leikkainen are currently on rank 14 & 15. To qualify for the continental championships they need a very good freestyle because they only scored a 6,3 in compulsories.

What I don’t do often is take a look at the one stars, because I don’t really know them. But the Polish vaulter Aniela Bańkowicz has a big dream. She wants to make it to the Europeans in her first individual season. Her way was bumpy last year and missed the championships with her team. Hopefully she will be luckier in 2016:

Hi, I’m a 16-year-old vaulter from Warsaw, Poland. I have been vaulting now for 3 years. Before that I did thythmic gymnastics. I have an amazing team which supports me every step of the way, trainings and competitions. After an injury last year I was off for six months. Now I’m slowly coming back. For the last year and a half I was the reserve in the national squad, but now I’m competing in the individual class. The CVI Budapest is my first international competition. It’s far from Poland, so I couldn’t take my horse. That’s why I looked on the Vaulting News Horse Sharing Page , and there was a note about Harry Potter. I contacted his owner. After the compulsory today, I can say everything is very nice and easy and the horse is great!

In the 3 star competition Ingelsberg started into the season with their senior squad. The horse Lazio got a score of 8.100. The final compulsory score is a 7.744. Aniela told me that they got beautiful new outfits. A short look at the scores from Ermelo says: Köln got a 7.897 for their compulsories. Fredenbeck had a 7.3 and Neuss 6.9. Compulsories make up one third of the final score. So they are important, but we saw in Ermelo that the two thirds of the score that are allotted to the freestyle can decide a lot. So we are very curious what happens tomorrow.

The 3 star male vaulters seem to be on a good way to the championships. Balázs Bence (Hungary) is in the lead with 7.698. Behind him comes Oliver Spadinger from Finland (who is, if I remember rightly, living in Austria) with a 6,773. This means, that both already passed the magical 6.5.

On a totally different note, three doping tests were carried out today. Three horses from three different countries were picked for the test. There is no rule how many horses have to get checked per CVI. An official FEI guy comes and tests the animals. There are no doping tests for the athletes as far as I know.

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.