Zsófia Görgey: A Promising Hungarian Vaulter

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This weekend will see one of 2 CVIs that are important for the top vaulters to qualify for the World & European championships. In California, the CVI California will be a great opportunity for Le Mans hopefulls to reach the necessary scores for the Worlds, in Hungary vaulters from all over Europe come together to chase the qualification. To keep track of all the events, you can follow our guide.

One of them is Zsófia Görgey, a young and very dedicated vaulter whom I met in February. She is a talented acrobat, living and training in Budapest. To meet the FEI regulations she has to score at least a 6,5 at a CVI. The national selection is easy: The first three vaulters get the ticket for the championships. Eight females are competing. She told me how she is doing so far:

I am Zsófia Görgey, a Hungarian vaulter. I am 15 years old and I have been a vaulter for four years now. I am the first competitor in my club that managed to take part in an international competition. Recently, I was in a competition that took place on the 8th and 9th of April. This was the first competition of the Hungarian competition season. In total, eight clubs participated, including mine, Berri SC. The competition itself was incredibly enjoyable with a marvellous atmosphere. Everyone was supporting and cheering for everyone, which contributed to the creation of a team spirit. For me, the competition was successful. I was ranked first in the individual junior category, and also in the PDD (walk) category. I am looking for further competitions that will allow me to improve. I dream of presenting Hungary at the Junior European Championship (Le Mans, France).
Zsófia Görgey

You can follow the results of both CVIs on VaultingResults.com: Budapest and Hollister (California).

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