Quick Q&A With Isabel Fiala

Isabel Fiala, a successful vaulter with her former squad Wildegg & an independet young lady. She went out to the world & said “Here I am. I stand on my own two feet, now.” With her best friend (& now her lunger) she founded a club in Weigelsdorf, close to Vienna, Austria. A few weeks ago, we threw all our questions about the difficulty to start from scratch.

She is trying to qualify for the World Championships in Le Mans, that will happen in August, but to do so, she has to beat a handful of strong Austrian individuals.

In the mean time this amazing team won the tech test at a local competition in Obersiebenbrunn:

Time to do another quick questions & answers (April 18, 2016) and learn how her road to Le Mans is doing:

You seem to be at competitions every weekend. With the youngest or vaulting yourself. How are you?

Yesterday I came again home from a competition at midnight & today I left for work at 7. I am a little bit out of it.

Congratulations to a successful competition to the 3 of you!

Thank you. We are very proud of our horse.

How can you combine managing a club & “real” work?

I am really lucky to have such a great boss! I am allowed to leave work for competitions on Fridays & sometimes on Thursdays.

How can your club travel to the competitions with your horses?

I passed the tailer test at the same time as my normal driver’s license so I can drive both of them. So, I’ve been driving the horses since forever. We afforded a trailer in January. Tina & I bought it together. A very big investment, but it had to be…

How are you financing the horses so far? Do you have enough vaulters?

Two horses are owned by Tina & me. The vaulters rent them 2 times a week. The other days the have riders who pay for the lessons or we ride them by ourselves. The other vaulting horses a private, which we rent. It is nearly financed.

Most of the vaulter’s parents are also new to the sport. Are they already used to it?

Yes, aboslutely! Fortunately we started that right from the beginning. All learn how to do the hairs, the parents who own horses themselves help by brushing and cleaning the vaulting horses together with their children. It works really good.

You were robbed after the World Cup Final. Were you able to replace the material?

Yes, thanks to a lot of support we were able to replace everything. Thanks a lot!

Austria has a very hard selection trail for the world championships. Where do you see yourself so far?

I don’t think you can ever be prepared good enough. The first selection trial is in 4 weeks (now 3 weeks) at Magna Racino in Ebreichsdorf. Until then we will put our feet to the floor. We will improve the freesytle & switch some exercises because the scores aren’t how we yould like them, yet. We are looking forward & are curious about what will happen.

We wish you all the best!

Isa is not only vaulting but also lunging the children:

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