CVI Ermelo: The Podium Was Left Empty By Mistake

Yesterday, I described what I have seen via the livestream from the CVI in Ermelo, the Netherlands. Besides great performances I guessed why there were not all places, 1st to 3rd, honored on the podium during the price giving cermoney. On Sunday I already took a look into the rules from the FEI, thought it is not described there but found out today, it is.

First I will now explain the rules & take a look on the pros & cons afterwards.

In the FEI vaulting rules we can read in paragraph 738 “Rounds” for squads at competitions how & who decides which vaulters get &to the final. At CVIs the organzier decide it by themselves & write it down in their schedule:

Round 1 Round 2
Test 1 Test 2 Qualification for 2nd round Test 3
Senior CVI 1*
Senior 1*
Squad Comp Test 1 Squad Free Test 1 2nd round optional Squad Free Test 1
  CVI 2*
Senior 2*
Squad Comp Test 2 Squad Free Test 2 Accordning to schedule Squad Free Test 2
  CVI 3*
Senior 3*
Sqzad Comp Test 3 Squad Free Test 2 According to schedule Squad Free Test 2
Squad COmp Test 3 Squad Free Test 2 12 best squads of 1st round, number may be increased upon the dicretion of the Ground Jury Squad Free Test 2
Junior CVIJ 1*
Junior 1*
Squad Comp Test 1 Squad Free Test 1 2nd round optional Squad Free Test 1
Junior 2*
Squad Comp Test 2 Squad Free Test 1 According to schedule Squad Free Test 1
Squad Comp Test 2 Squad Free Test 1 12 best squads of 1st round, number may be increased upon the dicretion of the Ground Jury Squad Free Test 1

A Schedule is a paper where the organizers write down all conditions for their event. The latest version of the schedule for the CVI in Ermelo was approved by the FEI & published March 21, 2016. There was written for all categories (here the example CVI***):

CVI3* (Senior)
Squad: The competition will be held in two rounds, the second round comprises of only a free test. In the second round only the 50% best places teams of the 1ste round may start.

I thought these kinds of papers are boring, but it seems like there are some surprises. The next intersting parts are:

VI. 8 Prize Giving Ceremony: The number of athletes required to present themselves for the prize-giving ceremony of each competition is numbers 1,2,3 and price winners.


X. 1 Prize Money: The minimum number of prizes offered for each competition must be allocated on the basis of one prize for every commenced four Athletes, with a minimum of five prizes.

That’s it! They wrote it in their own schedule. This sentence originates from the FEI rules for all disciplines. Meaning: They have to honor at leat the first FIVE ranks & not only the first 25% like the organizers from the CVI did. It was a mistake in the rush of the events organization which won’t happen again!

So, everything what I wrote yesterday isn’t important anymore. Let’s excuse this faux pas of the new organizer’s team & come back there next year! CVI Ermelo has always been a great event & will be again.

What are arguments against & for this proceeding?

  • It looks totally strange when you have enough competitors to fill the podium but leave it empty. How do you explain the picture in the newspaper to non vaulters?
  • On the other hand, isn’t it a vaulting problem for some time now, that not many competitors are in one category? I always felt not honoest when I rceived the ribbon for the state champion even that we were only 1 or 2 very unsumilar teams in the competition. Is such an honor earned?
  • I don’t think it is motivating for vaulters who fought a lot for their scores but don’t get to stand on the podium.
  • I watched the whole final price giving ceremony. It lasted over 40 minutes! I agree that this is too long. But is it shorter when they honor 8 female individuals, only 2 squads & 1 pas de deux like this time?
  • To let only 50% compete in the second round ia a time saver for a really packed weekend. But is it really useful to let 1 CVI** squad compete instead of 2? Then the decision was already made after the first freestyle.
  • The math sounds totally fair. 50% into the final, 50% get a prize. Does it also work with small groups? What means “prize” here? No prize money was payed (according to the schedule), like always the winners & following ranks received a ribbon.
  • Vaulting is still a sport. The only thing you get for your thousands of hours of work is an honor at the end of the competition. A memorabilia, Not only the first and the second place trained hard for that.

Under the hand I heard some romours that the participants of the CVI Ermelo weren’t that happy with the organization of this years event. Not only the temperatures outside the arena where it snowed seemed cold.

I am looking forward to see how the other CVIs solve the problem of more & more entries for the events. Will we have to get used to this proceeding?

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.