The Fight To Represent Germany In Le Mans Beginns Today

For the past couple of years Team Neuss has represented Germany at the European and World Championships since 2011. For 5 years in a row they won the qualification competitions, mostly from Ingelsberg, but now it is maybe time for a change.

Neuss is still going strong, although they are competing in Ermelo with 4 new squad members. Only Johannes and Mona won the gold medal in Aachen last year. But of course, you can’t ignore them: new lunger, new team composition, new freestyle, new theme, new outfits, all can be seen in Ermelo this weekend, hopefully.

Their biggest rival last year: Ingelsberg, maybe again with Jannis Drewell? They are always up for some very difficult moves no one else does and also their compulsory has improved a lot. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to compete in Portogruaro, where they normally start their international season. Due to injuries they couldn’t start and their first CVI will be in Budapest.

The squad that won the first meet of Neuss and Köln (Here is a glimpse on both new outfits.): Köln-Dünnwald! Always in for some amazing freestyles, do you remember the 2007 Queen freestyle? And also this year with a new theme and Thomas Brüsewitz as a new squad member they will probably leave a message in Ermelo! Maybe in the past compulsories weren’t their best round, but last weekend they have shown that they really have a goal this year.

Bronze medal winner at the German championships, team Fredenbeck. Maybe this team is less known in the vaulting world, but they have earned their points by winning the CVI in Denmark last year and becoming 3rd in Germany. Malte Möller, who won the gold medal with the Hamburg team at the Junior European Championships in 2011, is joining them and their first CVI is also Ermelo. It’s gonna be an exciting weekend!

RuFV Kirchwärder with Kristina Boe, Jannik Heiland and Viktor Brüsewitz is a new senior team that will definitely be interesting to watch. The boys both have team experience already and all three are well known in the vaulting scene. Also the other squad members, like Philine Lindhorst (was in the same team as Malte and won the gold medal in Le Mans), have potential, so they will definitely be some good competition!

The fight to represent Germany at the world championships in Le Mans beginns today. You can follow the action with the live stream. 3 of the 5 teams will compete in Ermelo this weekend. Who do you think will represent Germany this year at the World Championships in Le Mans?

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.