German 3-Star Compulsories In Ermelo

We announced it this morning & the CVI*** compulsories delivered what they promised. We saw once again, how important compulsories & horses are but also how difficult it is to reach the top. I am sorry because I wasn’t able to watch all squads. So, here is only a recap of the German contestants:
Köln-Dünnwald was the first in the arena. With the new team horse Danny Boy, who has a lot of experience on the interntional stage with pas de deux and scored a 8.285 this time, the squad made a very confident impression. In their new blue catsuits, they showed a very consistant compulsory. Many of the team members competed individually before, so we saw what class Miro Rengel has, Corinna Knauf only had a problem with her mount, Torben showed a high mill, but had a halt in the mount.  The flyer presented stunning exercises. So all in all they reached a 7.897.
Then Fredenbeck entered. They didn’t reach such a high horse score but nevertheless they seemed totally calm & collected. As Köln they have 3 male team members. Still, both teams had a very good flexibility which was shown in the mounts & mills. Fredenbeck seems to have some trouble with the first parts of scissors. There were some differences in the scissors, not that high or very good turned & had all very had very good flags. The flyer only had problems with the swings, but the rest was good like the others. They were rewarded with a very good 7.370.
Neuss finished the German three-way fight on the top. With five new team members (including Elisabeth Simon as lunger), they scored at judge A, B & C behind Fredenbeck. At judge D they are neck to neck. The exercises had a good technique but the mounts & mills weren’t that high & Delia received only a 5.755 from judge A, which counts 25%. Mona opened with a mount into the handstand but touched the horse in her scissors. Leon showed a great mill & jiggled while standing like others. Then I saw a low mount but very good scissors. The youngest wasn’t as certain as the flyers from the other squads. Overall it was not so homogenous like the other two teams, which is totally comprehensible, after half a year together.
Nothing is decided yet. Two freestyle rounds are coming at the weekend. Let the circus beginn!
I haven’t watched compulsories in a long time, although I really love them, but nothing has changed. The music seems to be same like years ago. Is there a vaulting-music-compulsory-pool where they choose the titles? Do you think the choice of music is a quality indicator?
Also: Jannis Drewell will preset his new freestyle on Sunday. He got the new catsuit yesterday.
Thanks to the FEI & Marc for the stream. I know what we do on the weekend.

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.