The CVI Season is here and you cannot miss it

Well, 2016 is a World Championships year and every CVI is an important qualification opportunity for PDDs and individuals from all over the globe.

With competitions coming and going we felt the need to summarize everything, so this is our official CVI schedule for the month of May. We will be updating this post with new information, livestreams and schedules as it comes.

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First, just in case you haven’t passed your geography test last month, here is a map:

CVIs in April- All the information you need to know (5)

CVI Ermelo

April, 22nd – Finished


Vaulting News Recap from Day one

Vaulting News Recap from everything


CVI Adelaide


We have talked about the importance of CVI Adelaide last week, it will be the Australian Championships and a huge party for our friends from the Pacific. It won’t serve as a selection trial, specifficaly, but it should be used to evaluate anyone on the shortlist to Le Mans. It will also be important for any individuals from the region to try and qualify: Non Europeans need one score of at least 6.5 to qualify dor the Championships.

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CVI Budapest

April, 29th

Budapest will serve as a selection trial for both Hungary and Czech. Vaulters from Poland should be joining them as well so it will be a great party for the Eastern European vaulters. From what I was told, the arena in CVI Budapest is simply amazing (which wouldn’t surprise me, since Budapest is a beautiful city).

We will also be able to meet with the Senior Team from Ingelsberg, a strong contestant for the German Team post. So it should be pretty cool.


CVI California

April, 29th

CVI Pacifc Coast has been very important in the past few years as an opportunity for vaulters from North America to be able to get some international experience and qualify for the big championships. It falls in the same category as CVI Budapest, Adelaide, Canada and Moscow: Forgotten corners of the vaulting world are organizing themselves and providing opportunities for growth.

It is important to remember that for none European individuals one score above 6.5 on CVIs is required to qualify for the big Championships. For Europeans two scores are needed on two different competitions.

Up to now Kristian Roberts and Mary McCormick are leading the qualifications for the Championships. On the men’s side, Colton Palmer, Kaleb Patterson, Gabe Aniello and (surprisingly) Devon Maitozo, seem to be trying out for a spot in Le Mans. Among the ladies, Tessa Divita, Michelle Guo and Kimmy Palmer follow on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th places. Nothing is decided and there are still 2 selection trials to go.

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CVI Belgium

May, 6th

Last year CVI Belgium was a huge party, we are not yet sure on what’s up for this year, but if it’s half as big it’s already going to be amazing. And hopefully we can count on Vygo’s coverage, last year their video from Team Neuss reached over a million shares on youtube and facebook.

It will also be a good opportunity for vaulters wishing to be in front of the top judges. The same judges who from Belgium will be in the World Championships in Le Mans.


CVIO Masterclass – Wiesbaden

May, 13th

Wiesbaden is traditionally one of the most high profile competitions in the vaulting season. It is invitation only and it will be very important for the German teams, although it won’t serve as a definite selection trial.


CVI Ebreichsdorf

May, 12th

CVI Ebreichsdorf, also known as CVIO Magna Racino, is going to be the main selection trial for the Austrians willing to represent their country in the World Championships in Le Mans.


CVI Moscow

May, 19th

We are still gathering information on the CVI Moscow and will return to you shortly.


I would like to thank all the CVIs that made their information accessible to the international community by building a comprehensive webpage or Facebook page in English. Those who did not simply lose the opportunity to be a part of our international community and I am sorry for them.


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