Judging Matters II

Recently FEI has published most of the FEI Schedules for the vaulting season until the international championships in Le Mans in August. Here are some interesting facts regarding the judges for these competitions:

The organising committee is free to invite any FEI or national judge they want as long as they fulfill the requirements stated in the FEI Rules. FEI decides who will judge at the international championships, meaning the world and continental championships.
A few judges will be participating in four competitions this year: Pavla Krauspe (SVK,) Elisabeth Muellner (AUT), Martine Fournaise (FRA,) Ute Schonian (GER) and Craig Coburn (USA).
America is well represented in 2016, because Sue Detol is among the judges who will judge 5 CVI’s or more. The others are Anna Kull (SUI), Karolina Wickholm (FIN,) Dalibor Blazek (SVK) and Rob de Bruin (NED).
Other fun facts:
-Newcomer Elisabeth Muellner (AUT) has been a FEI 3* judge for only a few months, but has already judged two FEI World Cups recently and will add four CVI’s to her list in 2016, including the prestigious CVIO in Aachen.
-Sue Detol from the United States will be the President of the groundjury on 4 out of 5 competitions.
-Dutch Rob de Bruin judges every year more than 10 CVI’s.
-Pavla Krauspe organises the busy CVI in Pezinok (SVK) next to her already full judging calender.
-Dalibor Blazek is a FEI 4* judge since last month and will be the President of the Groundjury in his home town Frenštát (CZE) this year.
-CVIO Aachen will have a non German judge as the President of the Ground Jury. This might be a the first time in history.
-CVI Saumur, CVI Wiesbaden and CVI Belgium seem to be the most loyal to their officials: hardly any changes on their lists since last year.


I am an Irish vaulter, becoming a judge but I am also French and live in Paris where I work for a horse racing daily newspaper. I am also the author and owner of the blog vltg.fr .