CVI Saumur – Day 1

Yesterday, the international vaulting world finally started into the new season with the CVIs in Saumur, France & Portogruaro, Italy. Here is what the scores tell us about day one.

It was compulsory day for most of the categories. That must have been some impressive freestyles by the Frenchmen: Noroc scored a 7.069 & Vincent Haennel even a 9.063 at judge C which leaves him with an overall compulsory score of 8.397. Let’s stay with the senior men. In the past we saw, that many young vaulters had trouble to make the step from the juniors to the seniors. This doesn’t seem to apply for Juan Martin Clavijo (Colombia) & Lambert Leclecio (Mauritius). They scored a 7.757 & a 7.543 which is really high for the 19 year old vaulters. Looks like they trained a lot in winter, both periodically in France. Both vaulted on the horses before & Lambert even stays in France until the worlds.

The three star senior female vaulting competition is lead by Lucy Phillips (Great Britain) after the comps with a 7.391 followed by Pascale Wagner (Switzerland) & Estelle Chauvet (France). There were no Germans in the highest individual competitions.

Let’s move one category down to the senior two stars: Pauline Ridl stopped vaulting in the team &, as we heard, would like to qualify for the world championships as an individual vaulter now. To do so, she has to reach the qualification scores of the S*** category. She reached a 7.022 for her comps. The two freestyles will follow during the next days. Also, mostly French & Belgian vaulters competed here.

The junior compulsory tests are lead Syra Schmid (Switzerland) & Dorian Terrier (France). The junior squads from France (Meaux AJ) & Germany (Hoisbüttel) are very close after the first day with a slight advantage for Fance.

For countries far away fro CVIs the rule was added that if vaulters get their qualifiaction score to 2** they are allowed to compete in this categeory at the same event. This means they don’t need a whole year to climb up. Coline Martin, who won the junior 1* category used this option & landed on rank 8 our of 11 after her compulsory in the junior 2** category. From senior 1* to senior 2** the vaulters Molly Turner (Great Britain) & Oceane Cavarle (France) did the same.

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.