Selection Trials: Great Britain Allows Scores From 2015 & 2016

Of course, for me the international championships are always the highlight of the year. But year after year I was wondering who choose the participants for each country. So, I asked around. Germany (Junior and Senior), Poland & Austria have very different selection trials. Today we take a look into the rules of Great Britain:

Great Britain has a simple approach to the question who would represent them best. Vaulters are asked to submit 2 results. One of them has to be achieved in 2016. The other can be from 2015. That’s pretty interesting. I think they are the only country where the scores can be from 2 seasons. These results are added together and divided by 2. They must be from either CVI3* or CVIJ2* (which they can finally get in their own country again). The vaulters with the highest scores are selected.

Of course also these athletes have to fulfil the FEI rules, which means, they have to reach 1 (juniors) or 2 (seniors) scores of 6,5 during the current season. This score can be a result of any round at a junior CVI.  That brings Great Britain to the point that they don’t have many vaulter who are able to reach this. The advantage: The selection is not that difficult. For the seniors 6 females, 3 pairs, 2 squads & for the juniors 8 female, 7 male, 3 PDD & 3 squads are up for selection.

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.