Year after Year – Barrel Competition of the RVV Equus in Rheurdt

We see it more and more: big clubs training on a “Movie”, a moving vaulting barrel that is simply unaffordable for the smaller ones. But a German club is inviting you to a competition on these cantering barrels.

The riding and vaulting club Equus is inviting vaulters to the 7th edition of their annual barrel competition, to be held on March 12. and 13, 2016. The event will take place in the gym of Rheurdt. For all the small & big vaulters, who come from the entire Rhineland, there is a specialty this time: The competition will take place one the galloping wooden horse “Movie” for the first time.

The galloping barrel “Movie” was invented by the Düsseldorfer carpenter Peter Höppner. In cooperation with international vaulting professionals like Daniel Kaiser, they developed a training tool that allows vaulters to practice their exercises under nearly realistic conditions. The “Movie” imitates the cantering movement of the horses. It is even possible to adjust different speeds. The training conditions are much better than on a stand still barrel and also decreases the risk of injury & the workload of the horses.

At the annual season kickoff of the Rheurdter 2 “Movies” will be available for the whole weekend. This means that bigger vaulters of the high-performance sport can present their compulsories & freestyles to the spectators & judges on the “Movie”. Besides the tests for the experienced vaulters there will be a big mass sport competition for equestrian sport enthusiasts_ costumes & agility trails are waiting for the youngest. For that the “Movie” is transformed into an motionless barrel.

Germany-wide, this competition on the “Movie” is only the second of its kind. Chairwoman of the RVV Equus, Sabine Ender: “We are very glad that we can offer this year’s season kickoff on the “Movie”. With tests on the cantering & on the stagnant “Movie” there should be something for all small & big vaulters.” The annual competition of the RVV Equus enjoys big popularity. Up to 700 competitors from the whole Rhineland & Westphalia come every year to rring in their starting vaulting season in the gym of Rheurdt after a several months lasting winter break. Besides numerous competitors of all levels the RVV Equus expects als up to 1.000 spectators, who are cordially invited to watch over some cake & coffee.  Like every year there will be a tombola – the main prize is traditionally a barrel. The entry is for free. More information can be find under

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.