A Possible Annual CVI3* In Geat-Britain

An international competition should take place on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of July in Great Britain. It should be held in a town called Rugby. Now, don’t be mistaken, it will well and truly be a vaulting competition! For the moment, they are making everything possible for it to happen and would also like to make it an annual event established in the FEI calendar. The CVI should be a 3* competition. Julie Newell would also love to have not only British people participating but also people from all over Europe, like France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, etc. Countries to which they usually travel for competitions.

A CVI was held in Ecclesmachen in Scotland, in 2013 and there were several nationalities represented who came all the way from Australia, Mauritius, the Netherlands, Ireland, etc. However, vaulters borrowed British horses. So for the CVI in Rugby it would be really nice to see people coming from everywhere with their own horses and have a real international competition including horses, lungers and vaulters coming from abroad.

For more information at this time, visit the following website: cvigreatbritain.com


I am an Irish vaulter, becoming a judge but I am also French and live in Paris where I work for a horse racing daily newspaper. I am also the author and owner of the blog vltg.fr .