The Disney Channel Explaining Vaulting

Last week the Disney Channel from France uploaded a video on YouTube which was very interesting for vaulting fans. Two children explaining what vaulting is. Our reader Violaine translated the video. The text is very accurate, what seems to be seldom. So, I really like it. You find the transcript below. Thank you fr the help!

Théo: “Hi, sportkids!”
-Today, with Vianey, we discover vaulting!
Vianey: “Hi!”
Théo: “Awesome! But it looks like very difficult.”
Vianey: “Not so much, but you need to train a lot and to strenghten your muscles. Show me yours.”
Théo: “Hem …”
Vianey: “First, we train on a barrel to master the acrobatics, because, on a horse, it moves a lot.”
– In vaulting, there are six acrobatics : basic seat, flag, mill, stand, scissors and flank. And your entire body is working: legs, arms, abs, back and in addition, it needs to be esthetic!
Théo: “Oooh”
Vianey: “Don’t worry, today, we are not evaluated, fortunately, because vaulting judges evaluate everything: beauty of acrobatics, costume, music and the horse!”
– “In vaulting, there’s always a lunger. He or She gives the rythm: walking pace, trot or canter. Come on Theo, make him trot!”
Théo: “Yeehah, I’ve always dreamed to do that!”
Cameraman: “Ouch! Be careful!”
Théo: “Oops, sorry”
Vianey: “Vaulting has been used by many people as Cossaks or American Indians because it allows to free your hands while staying on the back of the horse, you will understand if you wtach a good western movie.”
Théo: “Heyhey!”
Cameraman: “Ouch! I quit, Théo!”
Vianey: “Furthermore, you can practice vaulting with several people on the horse!”
Théo: “Vaulting is awwwesooome!”

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.