Jannis Drewell Talks About His Team, His Training & Social Media

Congratulations to an awesome year of vaulting to you, your horse and your lunger. It was amazing to watch you tell your stories on the horse. We see only you three in the arenas. Who else is part of it? Who supports you at home or at competitions?
First of all, thank you very much for good wishes. It always gives me pleasure to hear that it is entertaining to watch us.
As you assumed, there stands a big team behind us, even when you only see the 3 of us in the competition. Starting with the national coaches Ulla Ramge & Kai Vorberg over my girlfiend to the physio therapist Christian Peiler. Not to forget my sister, who is resposible for the compensatory training of the horses under the saddle. And of course I get all the support which I need from the rest of my family.
Your mother is your lunger, is she also your coach? Is this sometimes difficult or not at all?
I have always trained with my mother & that works really good. Of course, there are difficult situations from time to time but I think this is everywhere the same. We are able to organize the training very flexible, know each other incredible well & because of that we are a quite good attuned to each other which is, for certainty, a big advantage which we have.
You train outside or drive your horse to an indoor arena to vault. Is this normal for you?
 Since our horses live with us at home & we don’t have an indoor arena, we load the horses for every training, meaning everyday. This is normal for us & poses no problems. In summer we train occasionally on the outside riding arena at home, but this is an exception. We find very ideal conditions at the riding school Birkenhof where we train,I really like it to train there, so that the training at home is an exception.
How looks a normal training week for you?
Because of the comfortable horse situation with right now over all 3 horses, 2 of them competition horses, the third in training, we train daily with the horse. Still, the training with the horse takes just 20 – 30 % of the whole training time. Added to this there is intensive strngth & coordination training, felibility training plus many hours on the barrel or the “Movie”. And not to forget the compensatory training of the horses who are vaulted only 2 – 3 times a week.
You allways seem to be one with the horse. You vault so soft & calm, but on the other hand the combinations are fast & you didn’t chose many static exercises. How & what do you train to show such perfect rounds?
Because the horse live at our home I have a very special connection to them. Especially Diabolus is now for 11 years with us, I basically grew up with him. I think this makes it easier to embody the unity between lunger, horse & vaulter.
The flow & the dynamic comes from the high frequency of the training. The more the better. Tanks to the “Bundeswehr sports promotion section” I can invest more time into my training at the moment. That is clearly noticeable. The freestyle has to be retievable like an automatism to show it perfectly in a competition.
Is it right, that you created your Facebook page the day you won the Europeans & got instantly 1.000 Likes?
Yes, that’s true. My girfriend created this page shortly after the European championship for me because my normal site literally exploded. The 1.000 likes were reached before the day ended. It was impressive how fast this went but especially how big the interest was. It took quite a time until I had read all messages.
I think Facebook is a good form to advertise for our sport. One can reach incredible fast a great number of people.
You planned to vault at least till 2018. Is it difficult to keep the training level that high for such a long time?
It is always difficult to hold a certain level. Currently we have a very strong competition in Germany. The cards are reshuffled every year anew. But we will give everything to build on our success & to improve.

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.