Journal: Vaulting Press From The Weeks 49 – 1

Last week I saw the results of the survey by Tamara Hermann. Around 95% of the 1.000 people answered that vualting is not enough in the press. I am sorry, that I had no time these last weeks to show you that it is in the newspapers. Here are a lot of examples:


[Cambodian] Vaulting in South-East Asia.

[German] Charity appeal: The therapeutical vaulting club in Waldzell had problems to find a new indorr arena. They didn’t succeed and are building their own now. The teams are mixed among others they have children with the down syndrom. Now they are looking for donations to pay the arena.

[US American] Report about the Palmers life. Kimmy just opened her own coffeehouse.

[Swiss] The vaulting squad Garten I was horored for the second place at the Swiss championships by the muncipality Zell.

[US American] Recap of the successes in sports of Langeley.

[German] Introduction of the M*-Squad Loberich.

[German] The vaulters of Neuss were voted to the third place in the “election the the athlete of the year in North-Rhine Westphalia”. A week later they were visited by the mayor of Neuss.

[German] Review of 2015 with the club from Daun.

[German] The vaulting horse Fritz is 20 years old, is doing his job for 12 years now & should retire. FOr that the club from Ammerland is looking for a new horse.

[Austrian] Honor for Lisa Wild by Salzburg for her great achievements.

[German] A show in advent from the vaultng therapy club in Reichenbach near Münnerstadt. They collected money for a new surcingle and the local animal sanctury. Please note the electrical candles in the horses mane.

[German] New Years’s show in Krumbach with vaulters and riders.

[German] Every 4 years the elementary school in Strücklingen invites a circus to their village. The pupil train for one week their tricks like acrobatics and vaulting and will present it at the end of the week.

[German] A new club was founded in Hamburg. They offer vaulting and will organize their first competition in May.

[German] The vaulting club Kleve moved to Kalkar, wheere they bult a new indor arena. In 2015 they took part in 15 competitions (German championship, M and C team championship…). They have now 120 vaulters and bought a sixth horse. In May they will organize a gala evening.

[German] Vaulting Christmas party with show in Twistringen.

[German] Invitation to the Three Kings Riding in Ampertal with vaulting.

[German] Reporters from Radio Bremen tried sports for “the first time” in 2015. (I know I shouldn’t judge, but I think this is no good advertisement for vaulting.)

[German] The indoor arena in Papenburg got new lights. It cost the 23.000€ but the vaulting can continue.

[German] Three Kings show of the gymnasts club in Morbach. They have 900 member who do handball, gymnatics, skiing, vaulting, athletics ans volleyball.

[German] Christmas riding in Schönhorst with 200 spectators and an unicorn.

[German] Christmas show with vaulting in Lippetal-Herzfeld.

[German] Christmas show in Darmstadt with vaulting.

[German] Report about a therapeutical vaulting club near Aachen with shows at the CHIO.

[German] Weser Ems nominated their “Kader”. (What’s the English word?)

[German] An evening organized by the A level class from Fulda with a vaulting show.

[German] The ridining and vaulting club in Teningen-Köndringen celebrates its 40th birthday.

[German] Christmas show with vaulting at the club in Achern.

[German] Show evening by the pupils from the school in Stemwede.

[German] Christmas show in Heppenheim.

[German] The club from Donau Lech received a donation of 5.000€ which will finance their new “Movie”.

[German] Christmas party at the club Gillbach which celebrated their 25th anniversary. At the moment the have 737 member. At the party were 1.500 spectators.

[German] Chiara Congia, Miro Rengel, Corinna Knauf, Thomas Brüsewitz & Julian Wilfling were called into a “persepctive” group. (Right word?)

[German] Ther German governing body FN wants only to nominate athletes for chapionships that treat there horses good.

[German] 1.200€ donation for club in Oldentrup for threapeutical vaulting.

[German] Horse club showed Snow White & Rose Red with vaulters and riders in Oberlosa.

[German] Christmas vaulting show in Lörrach.

[German] Announcement of the show in East Frisia among others with the “vaulting car” by Daniel Kaiser.


[German] Recap of Regina Burgmayer’s World Cup leg in Salzburg. Someone fell over the cables so that she had to perform without music & brought her a 0 in “music interpretation”. She showed new elements but with the old music. There seems no be no possibility in the rules the repeat the round.

[Dutch] Report about Mechelen with Lauren Vanlerberghe.

[German] Recap of the World Cup leg in Salzburg from a newspaper in Kiel. Jannis Drewell was satisfied with his runds except the mounts. There is still no date for the World Cup final.

[German] Jannis Drewell has won the World Cup leg in Mechelen. He is now qualified for the final for which no date and place is set. His crowdfunding brought him 8.500€ from 115 donators for his new horse. He bought Riccardo a totally new horse to vaulting who will take part in his first competitions in 2017.

[Swiss] Simone Jäiser is quitting after her gold medal at the Europeans. She will continue to train the junior squad from her club Harlekin.

[German] Announcement of the World Cup leg in Leipzig.

[German] The event “Partner Pferd” with the World Cup in Leipzig is nearly sold out. Daniel Kaiser will present a new pacours show.



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