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Short report on Mechelen

While most of the vaulters spent christmas with family and friends, the absolute top of the vaulting world participated at the FEI Worldcup leg in Mechelen (BEL) on the 26th of December. Simone Jaiser, Jannis Drewell and the pas-de-deux Pia Engelberty and Torben Jacobs  took home the golden medal and we can say that this leg was a great succes.

When it was announced that ‘Jumping Mechelen’ was going to organize the first Belgian World Cup leg ever on Christmas time and that the two rounds would be on the same day, there were some doubts if they would have enough participats.
‘Jumping Mechelen,’ one of the biggest indoor equestion events of Europe, proved the opposite and showed us great sport with top level vaulting in each category.

In the afternoon the first round was held on ‘kids day’ in a sold out Nekkerhal. Not all horses were used to the noices and sometimes the music was very loud. The main arena was under three big screens, as we already saw at the FEI World Equestrian Games in Caen last year.
Simoner Jaiser (SUI) performed an almost perfect freestyle on her horse Luk with her mother on the lunge. Anne Sophie Musset (FRA) and Pascale Wagner (SUI) took surprisingly the second and third place before the Germans Kristina Boe and Corinna Knauf.
The male first round was dominated by another European champion: Jannis Drewell, and his mother Simone on the lunge, showed with Lago Maggiore the best performances, before Thomas Brusewitz (GER) and Clement Taillez (FRA.) Lukas Klouda (CZE), Daniel Kaiser (GER) and Vincent Haennel (FRA) followed closely. Viktor Brusewitz could not show his best performance on Echt Stark and ended on the last spot.
In the first round Germans Pia Engelberty and Torben Jacobs had scored more than two points ahead their opponents. The two swiss pas-de-deux had no clean performances and some falls.


Where the first round was broadcasted on the cost-free FEI Youtube Channel, in the evening the second round was broadcasted on FEI-TV. The second round was more comfortable for most horses and vaulters. Instead of a kiss-and-cry waiting time ‘Jumping Mechelen’ had an interview on the big screens, right after each performance.


Jannis Drewell and Thomas Brusewitz defended their first and second places well. Clement Taillez horse Dyronn, in the hands of Cedric Cottin, did make a stop during the freestyle ,as he did in Paris earlier this year. Clement dropped to the fifth place behind Vincent Haennel and Daniel Kaiser.
At the female competition Kristina Boe performed a smooth and elegant freestyle on Echt Stark and managed to take over the third place from Pascale Wagner, behind Simone Jaiser and Anne Sophie Musset.
The Belgian audience could not resist any longer to not applaud during the performance of the German pas-de-deux: Pia and Torben showed their best and confirmed their first place on Danny Boy with lunger Alexandra Knauf.

During the press conference the German pas-de-deux said they were happy to  have presented such a strong performance after a month of break and rest.
Simone Jaiser said it was no problem to perform her freestyle twice a day. “My trainings are longer than two freestyles and I am used to perform in more rounds a day on swiss competitions.” Furthermore the audience was amazing.
Jannis Drewell jumped even higher in the second round according to the many photographers around the arena. “Isn’t it named here Jumping Mechelen?” he asked with a smile.


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