The Best of 2015: Best Vaulting Picture

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and we have reached to our very last poll of 2015.

This might not have been the best year in history, but for vaulting 2015 was pretty remarkable.

We had the first ever World Championships for Jrs, and a young Colombian vaulter took home the golden medal, a newcomer also beat every odd and won the European Championships for Jrs, teams from all around the globe managed to make it to Ermelo to celebrate young vaulting, and, more than ever, the vaulting community was together to celebrate all that.

All these moments and many more were caught on camera by vaulting photographers from every corner of this earth and, this week, VaultingNews takes the time to honor them by picking the Best Vaulting Photography of 2015. You can cast your vote at the poll by the end of this page.

And the nominees for the Best Picture of 2015 are…

Andrea Fuchshumer – Lisa Wild with the horse Robin 482

Lisa Wild - GX1Q2708menor

Antonia Münster – Juniorteam Mainz-Laubenheim (Rheinland-Pfalz) with the horse Nabucco at the German championships


Arjen van der spek – Team Compagnie Noroc with the horse Wizner


Idiko Ketteler – Team Voltiflöhe before their first competition ever

“Vaulting is beautiful, aesthetic, team building, for everyone! This is our Team “Voltiflöhe” (vaulting fleas), the girls surrounding the boys (Bèla and Rio) at their first competition with “real” uniforms. They won, although having a handicapped Teammember. For them, he just belongs to them… They were so proud! Team: Emilia Ketteler, Mara Wagner, Lina Eisenhut, Charlotte Finkendei, Finja Goeke, Béla Ketteler, Rio Künkenrenken, Liz Brüggenthies, Leyla Ketteler.”


Ina Baier – Photo of Thommas Brüsewitz with horse Airbus 1

“The picture is showing Thomas Brüsewitz after a well done freestyle at the European Championships in Aachen thanking his horse Airbus. Without our horses we wouldn’t be vaulters. This picture shows the connection perfectly.”


Leandra Kiesel – Photo of Thommas Brüsewitz with horse Airbus 1


Lyda Bravo – “The photo that I select was taken around 2 months ago in Bogota, Colombia. The vaulter is Luca Short from Colombia, South America. The horse name is Manizales.”


Michael Blamey – Vaulter Alex Playfoot from Australia


Nadia Geyersbach – Club: Marstall Weimar, beginners team


Natalie Arnell – First team of RV Lengerich


Nathalie Gauthier – Vaulter Théo Gardies with the horse Toy Mousse




We also take this moment to send our best wishes to all the photographers who helped VaultingNews in 2015. This blog wouldn’t be here without you, thank you so much and hopefully 2016 will be filled with many more amazing photographs.


Do you wanna be a VaultingNews featured photographer? We always love to receive new photos.

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.