3rd World Cup Leg: Some Changes On The Podium

The FEI World Cup Vaulting moved to Salzburg, Austria this past weekend, and we saw some former winners maintain their positions, while new faces moved into some of the other first-place seats.

Anna Cavallaro Continues to Dominate
Anna Cavallaro seemed to only build upon her already-solid freestyle. She performed very well last weekend in Paris, and in Salzburg we saw how truly settled she is into the World Cup routine. Her horse, Harley, performs as consistently as she does, and he seems at ease regardless of what venue he’s in and what the crowd is like. This was demonstrated in the unique Amadeus Indoor arena where this episode of the World Cup was held. The two secured a score of 8,526, bringing their final score to 8,373.
Following closely behind was Simone Jäiser, whose freestyle was filled with very interesting and highly-controlled moves. Her handstands were as impressive as they always are, and except for a few minor bobbles, her execution was fantastic. She came out on top in the opening leg in Madrid, but has since fallen a bit behind Anna. Nevertheless, her performance was commendable, and she scored 8,317, and her final score sits at 8,339.

Germany Overtakes France in the Male Individual
Following Nicolas Andreani’s excellent performance in Paris, the bar was set quite high for the men. Jannis Drewell met the expectations. His Kung Fu-inspired freestyle featured many moves that were as interesting as they were challenging, including his mount. His horse, Lago, performed steadily and quietly in the exciting atmosphere of the arena, and the two finished with a final score of 8,509.
The French were not removed from the podium, however: Clément Taillez was in second place with a final score of 8,131. While his performance was perhaps not as theatrical as Drewell’s, it was equally impressive. Set to dramatic music, his freestyle was demonstrative of his upper body strength and balance, and his mount from the outside of the circle was an interesting departure from the norm. Fellow Frenchman Vincent Haennel held third position with the final score 8,114.

Palmer Sisters Fall Behind Italian Duo in Pas de Deux
Kimmy and Cassidy Palmer from the US had a successful start to the World Cup, but unfortunately a fall by Cassidy and some subsequent difficulties cost them the top position in Salzburg. They were taken over by the Italian team of Lupacchini and Forti, whose smoothly executed freestyle and daring moves helped them float to the top with a final score of 7,930.
The German PDD header_anna_cavallaroperformed much better in Salzburg than we saw in Paris, having polished their freestyle significantly and seeming to have settled into the routine. They finished in second place behind the Italians with a final score of 7,611.

Adele Feuerstein

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