CVI & World Cup Salzburg: Italians Are Leading The PDDs & The Individuals From Neuss Start From Scratch

The world Cup leg in Salzburg started already on Friday evening with the first round. The Swiss women Simone Jäiser & Nadja Büttiker are leading the individuals. They are followed by Anna Cavallaro (Italy) and Isabel Fiala (Austria). They are all seperated by o,1 points. the best horse for the women was Adlon from Ingelsberg but Regina Burgmayer only ended up on rank seven. In the men’s competition is also the European Champion, Jannis Drewell (8,388) in the lead. On place two & three are the Frenchmen Vincent Haennel (8,314) & Clément Taillez (8,282). 10 men from 6 nations take part. The US American Palmer sisters with their horse Zygo are at the moment on rank two, after they won the last leg in Paris. In lead are the Italians Erika di Forti and Lorenzo Lupcchini.

Next to the world cup the last CVI of the year takes place. I have to admit, normally we don’t Report much about the CVI1* level, but here is happening something really interesting: Do you remember our little hint about the plans of Neuss in the journal? They did it. Jannika Derks and Pauline are competing as individuals on an international level now like they did before. Because it was too long ago, they have to start from scratch. To get all the qualifying scores they competed as Senior 1*. And won the first round with more than 1,o points. The second round was also won by Jannika Derks, but Pauline Riedl finnished last with a 5,745. In the end both vaulters from Neuss and also Lorenzo Lupacchini reached the qualification score of 6,0 and will be allowed to compete as Senior 2**.

The CVI3*** was lead by Alina Barosch (Austria) & Michl Collin (Switzerland) after the compulsory.

CVI2**: Heike Hulla, who was part of the successful junior PDD of the last years won the compulsry of the senior two stars.

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.