The Big Vaulting News Costume Party: Houston, we have a problem

Today our invitations for the our big halloween celebrations go to those vaulters who are daring to explore new worlds. We are talking about astronauts.

But, before we start, I’d just like to remind you that everyone is invited to our super duper costume party. Just send us the link to your videos and we’ll include them on our TBs. We are looking for pirates, super heroes, secret agents, anything.

Now back to our space travellers. Check out who they are:

  1. Team Neuss (Germany) – 2007

If you’ve been around long enough you’ll probably remember this freestyle, for it was very remarkable. With a mixture of different sounds and full white space suit uniforms, this was Team Neuss’ first space travel, but not the last. The flyer was Pauline Riedl and you might remember this coreography for it’s last block.

2. Patrick Looser (Switzerland) – 2010

This is not my favorite Patrick Looser moment (that would be Pinocchio) but well, this is where he caught his golden world medal, so it’s pretty cool. It is VERY similar to Neuss’ though.

3. Joanne Eccles (Great Britain) – 2013

So, not only Joey went out of space for this one, she kinda turned into an alien. Pretty interesting and complex too.

4. Team Neuss (Germany) – 2015

This might have been the greatest moment of the year. Team Neuss strikes again with a space theme, but this time inspired by Christopher Nolan’s movie Interstellar. We can probably say that the freestyle from 2007 was much more “literal”, this one is more conceptual, we can clearly see a little bit of Jacques Ferrari’s input there. It’s cool to see the difference. Both in 2007 and 2015 Team Neuss was in a pretty similar place, we have talked to Jessica Lichtenberg about this a few months back, you can take a look at it right here.


Special Mention:

Did you know that Jacques Ferrari actually almost went to Mars? Yep. That’s true. He was on that project that wanted to send people to Mars in a few years but ended up being kind of a scheme that would never REALLY happen. Well, Jacques wasn’t selected, big loss for the project.

The Big VaultingNews Costume Party

We started this week with the movie “The perfume” followed by “The French version” of vaulting costumes. On Thursday we were attacked by vampires. We are curious what more topics we will find until Halloween.



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