A Tribute To A Special One

A few weeks ago sad news made a circuit on Facebook. The vaulting horse Jarl passed away. Many people wrote a good bye because he influenced a lot of vaulters in his short career. Emily Kastrup Lindgaard was really close to him & found some words for us:

Jarl || 1998-2015

One of the best vaulting horses in the world, still holding the record in Aachen with 9.2 with Lasse Kristensen and Mount Eden. The Danish/American vaulting horse has put his print on many hearts and he will never be forgotten! Starting as a “little” guy who you couldn’t clap next too. At competitions they had to stop people from clapping and at every practice, every time someone had been on the horse, the team, coaches and everyone there clapped for him to get used to it.
Could you have imagined that this horse would get to the place where he was when he sadly passed away. Doing both, pas-de-deux, individual and team vaulting at championships or at championships, Jarl were truly a champion in our eyes!
We will always remember him for his sweet personality, cosy eyes and his floppy ears! Specially the ears! We could always see if Jarl was relaxed by looking at his ears – If they were stiff he was a bit on his toes and if they were flopping he were in zen

He will be forever in our hearts.

Freja Linde sent us the following heartwarming story:

He was an amazing horse, who cantered into everybodys heart and I miss him a lot. In 2010 I was the first person to compete on him, and I specific chose some music that would calm him down, cause we knew he was a bit sensitive. The year after he competed at the European championship in senior team with my team VKT 1, and he was a star.


Emily & Freja weren’t the only ones lucky enough to vault with Jarl. Many people wrote a goodbye on Facebook. Some examples: Blake Dahlgren, Karin Pilgaard Mynster, Megan Bejamin Guirman, Emily Kastrup-Lindgaard & Jessica Ballenger Garrod.




World champion 2015:

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