Journal: Vaulting Press Of Week 41

[German] Introduction of the new World Cup PDD Timo Gerdes und Jolina Ossenberg-Engels. They didn’t expected the nomination to the World Cup series.

[German] Barrel competition in Zerbst from the Barleben vaulters’ point of view.

[Austrian] Report about the state championships Upper Austria from the perspective of the club Braunau-Weng.

[German] A description of vaulting by a lay person who visited the club in Munderkingen-Algertshofen.

[German] A visit at the junior squad of Hoisbüttel which won the Northern German championship coached by the Jückstock sisters. Nicely written.

[German] Explanation why there is no World Cup leg in Stuttgart any more: the rules are getting too extensive.

[German] New vaulting club in Geiselbach founded.

[Canadian] Provincial championship with results of the Nelson vaulters.

[Canadian] Provincial championships with the results of the Langely vaulters.

Horse related pages

[Dutch] “Hulp gezocht voor Belgische Kampioene voltige

[Canadian] News about the vaulting arena for the WEG 2018.


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