Danish Championship (With All Competitors On Video)

The past weekend, there were two national championships: Australia & Denmark. Overall there took part around 145 vaulters. (For comparison, there were some regional competitions in Germany with higher numbers.) No male individuals competed. Charlotte Christensen was there and sent us her review. Thanks a lot!

The Danish vaulting Championship is now over. It has been an amazing weekend with lot of great vaulting. Senior team won the Sjørring 1 on the horse Boston with 7,324. In second place came Billund 1 on the horse Turbo Af Kloster with 6,718. In third place came Møllebakken 1 on the horse Fabiano with 6,252.

Junior team competition was won by the Skibby 1 on the horse Amadeus Højbogaard with 6,842. In second place came VKT 2 on the horse Ghost Alfavad Z with 6,412. In third place came Skibby 2 on the horse Gulager Linus with 6,145.

Senior individual was won by Sheena Bendixen with their horse Ramstein with 7,513. In second place came Kristina Jensen on the horse Jackson with 7,090. In third place came Freja Linde on the horse Anyway with 6,603.

Junior Individual was won by Caroline H Due to the horse King George with 6,887. In second place came Helena Nagel-Harvig the horse Standsagergårds Atlanta with 6,838. In third place came Stine Olsen at the King George with 6,826.

Best horse was Ramstein longed by Julie Fog-Møller with the highest grade in 7,750.

All videos can be found on the Facebook page of DM/LM I Voltigering 2015 – Video, Næsten Live.

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