Journal: Vaulting Press Of Week 37

[English] Recap of the Australian participation on the Junior World Championships. Emily Jones speaks about her preparation in Europe, where they got a lot of help & tips. Her most emotional day was the opening ceremony.

[German] Janika Derks is athlete of the month. The newspaper NGZ elects one successful athlete per month. She’s practicing 4 times per week with the squad & some days alone. In normal life she is a physiotherapist. She will focus on individual now.

[English] Plans for vaulting arena for WEG 2018 with open questions. The vaulting arena still has to be planned and build during the next three years. Up to now, there is no financial concept & no design.

[English] Donation to programs that make human lives better. In the program of Green Chimneys Children’s Services is also vaulting included.

[French] Young french vaulter Julie Laidin shines both on vaulting and gymnastics.

[Portuguese] 2010’s World Champion Patrick Looser is in Brazil to give classes in a few of the region’s vaulting clubs and help out the selected vaulters for the brazilian team.


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