KCM Vaultinghorses, How To Start A Vaulting Business?

The most important thing of our sport are the horses. But how to train them? And how to find one? We all  have this problem every now & then. KCM Vaultinghorses did a business out of it. And it is going great. In our first part we asked Maurits de Vries, who is running the business with his wife Cindy de Vries Seneekes in Sint Maarten (The Netherlands) about the economic side, in the second part we will talk about the training of the horses.

Maurits, how did all this start? I mean, there are not many vaulting horse sellers…

The idea of selling vaulting horses had crossed our mind several years ago as we discovered that lots of people are having trouble finding their ideal vaulting horse. At that time we were allready active in International vaulting and our horses had ended up as best horse at several CVI’s and championships. 2,5 years ago we were offered to buy and train a vaulting horse. Through a private investor we were able to buy it, we did not put it up for sale yet, but we posted the horse on our private Facebook as being the best horse in the world. Many people reacted and wanted to buy this horse (Kcm Vaultinghorses Bram) as reactions grew we decided to start a vaulting business and in the next month we had 4 more horses in our stable and the company was born,

What is you concept, that makes your business so successful?

Usually we buy and sell horses which we would have liked for ourselves as a vaulter. Kind horses, easy to vault, good health and pleasant to ride. Horses must be able to do vaulting for many years. It is a big plus if they excel in dressage or another equestrian sport. As vaulting can only be done a few times a week, the new owners should be having fun with them any other day as well. We also train horses for people who are not able to give the proper education for themselves. We want our horses to be able to be competitive at the highest level. Even if horses are not intended to be for a top level team, we still look for a horse which is capable to compete at the highest level. A good example is the horse Warnix which we found and trained for Kors van der Torren who had a low level vaulting team. This horse has now been selected for the Junior Dutch Vaulting Team to compete at the World Championships in Ermelo. Of course we are proud that a horse that we have found and trained is now representing our own Country and it is also very good publicity for our business.

As we are still in love with vaulting ourselves, competing with our horses will always be part of our business. It is a way to show our and our horses skills and keep in contact with our potential customers. As horses can only compete after their 7th year, breeding for vaulting is not productive, however our own bred Confetti, out of international vaulting horse Lady Delightly was also very good at it.

Had you doubts about starting a vaulting business? I mean, there is not much money in this sport & most people I now are training their horses by themselves…

At first we did not know how this would end. We do not expect to be millionaires from selling vaulting horses, but it pays our bills and we get to do what we love most. Besides selling and training horses, we give vaulting training, lunging clinics and we rent out horses for competitions.

How do you promote your business?

For the big public we advertise on Facebook. The best promotion however are satisfied customers, they bring more customers and are responsible for a good reputation.


Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.

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