Vaulting Around The Globe: Israel

We were observing the vaulting competitions really close this spring, because we all were so curious which nations will be part of the junior world championships. We saw a squad of Argetina, practicing like crazy, but also vaulters from Israel! They didn’t made it to the championships this year but I guess there is much to look forward to.

So, how is the situation in the country in western Asia? Up to now they have three vaulting clubs. Neta Korazim is developing the sport in Israel as a coach at the Pele Vaulting Club & gave us a short overview about their country:

The Israeli equestrian federation included vaulting among their disciplines in 2010. Recently we hold 4 national competitions every season including the championship up to level 1*. We have a few national judges and often we invite international judges to judge and to train our judges. We held the FEI * Coaches course in December 2013. Last year, 2014, we participated in CVI Hungary representing the country for the first time ever! This year we are going to have vaulters at three CVIs.


This sounds really promising! One of the vaulters at the CVI in Hungary was Ayelet Neumann. She borrowed a Hungarian horse for the competitions in Pezinok, Frenstat & Budapest. Aylete, how was your start into the vaulting world?

The vaulting in my country started 9 years ago. When I was 12 years old I had Bar Mitzvah and in our culture we do some performance. I hesitated between riding and gymnastic and then someone accidentally told us about my trainer Neta Korazim and vaulting. I met Neta and immediately I fell in love with that sport! In the first three years me and my trainer just tried to figure out what vaulting is and then we traveled to Ararat Martin vaulting camp and started to understand what vaulting is and to set targets. And then with a lot of hard work and help from other coaches like from another countries,  last year (2014) I succeeded to be in my first CVI as junior 1 star.

Wow, big kudos to you two. What an achievement & most of all a big first step for your country. How are the other clubs doing?

Most of the vaulters compete in walk and last year we had the first Israel championship in vaulting. All the clubs support each other and learn from each other. My club has between 7 & 8 vaulters & 2 horses.

Most times, all what I hear from Israel in the news is about political issues. Does it affect also your family or the clubs?

No, we aren’t affected by political issues in vaulting. Everyone supports us from all the countries.

That is good to hear. You are 17 years old, which means, it is your last junior year. What are your next goals?

My current target is to move from one star to two stars but anyway I just want to participate CVI and learn from other competitors that have more knowledge then mine. Moreover I just want to represent my country. But there is one vaulter that is almost in my level I hope that next year she will compete internationally.

ayelet_israelAyelet tried to qualify for the vaulting junior world championship but didn’t reach the required score of 6.5 at a CVI. She will try again next year. These qualification scores for individuals assure that the level of a championship is very high & the sport is nice to watch, but new nations have to overcome big obstacles until they are able to take part. Last question to the vaulter from Israel: What is the difference between your horses at home & for example Kincses from Hungary you competed on?

My horses at home are very different vaulting horses so I can’t do in the competitions exactly the same exercises that I capable to do at home.

We wish you, your coach & your national vaulting development good luck during the next years. We are waiting for you at the championships!

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.

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